Samsung Bespoke Jet AI announced, a cordless vacuum cleaner with AI capabilities

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Price in Nepal
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Cordless vacuum cleaners have recently become a thing with a range of options dropping in. Unlike traditional vacuums, they are easy to work with. Samsung, a world-renowned electronics brand has announced the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI. This cordless machine comes with AI capabilities for enhanced usage. Let’s get into the specs, features, and expected price of the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI in Nepal.

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Overview:

What’s a cordless vacuum cleaner?

Before jumping right in, let’s learn about cordless vacuum cleaners first. As the name implies, a cordless vacuum cleaner is one without cords and cables. Compared to corded vacuums, it is lightweight and can be easily transported. Such vacuums have superb usability in multiple places such as your car, furniture, stairs, and tight corners. And they run on batteries, unlike traditional ones which require a direct connection to electricity.


The BeSpoke Jet AI sports a pretty lightweight design, weighing just 2.5 kg. The pipe is telescopic here which allows three length adjustments for comfortability. Even the flex tool is bendable up to 90 degrees to reach those tricky areas. And you get a digital display to check info regarding power level, running time, charging status, and so on.

HexaJet Motor

Under the hood, the vacuum cleaner packs a HexaJet Motor which can draw up to 280W suction power and a max consumption power of 730W. This makes it the most powerful vacuum to date. Samsung claims a 25% increase in suction power, compared to the previous model.

 Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Motor

Dual Brush and 5L Filtration

Samsung has used a dual brush mechanism on BeSPoke Jet. It is optimized to clean efficiently on all types of floors alongside built-in LED lights to assist in the dark. On top of that, there is a 5-layer filtration system which is claimed to filter up to 99.9%* of microdust particles. Plus, the dustbin is washable.

AI Functions

The BeSpoke Jet AI becomes the first cordless vacuum to get an AI verification from UL Solutions, a safety science organization. The AI mode bestows some cool features on the vacuum such as automatic detection of the floor, brush load, and air pressure. This enables optimal suction power and brush roll speed for efficient cleaning. After every disposal, it shuts the cover automatically. Besides that, the Air Spin Edge technology can spin at a blade rate of up to 1,000 RPM to drain waste, and keep the bin clean.

Battery Life and Others

The cordless stick vacuum is powered by two removable batteries, which can operate for up to 100 minutes. The battery size is 80% larger than that of the previous model. And the charging time takes around 3.5 hours. Other features include a Pet Tool for cleaning tiny strands of pet hair.

 Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Cordless Vacuum

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Price in Nepal and Availability

The price of Bespoke Jet AI is USD 449.99. As of now, the cordless stick is yet to launch in Nepal. We can expect the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI price in Nepal to be NPR 71,999 when it launches here.

Product Official Price Price in Nepal (Expected)
Samsung Bespoke Jet AI USD 449.99 NPR 71,999

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