Samsung AirDresser that can sanitize, deodorize your clothes arrives in Nepal

Samsung AirDresser Price in Nepal
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Samsung Nepal has launched the long-awaited AirDresser, which can do all sorts of things from sterilizing and cleaning, to deodorizing and steaming your delicate clothes. This makes your laundry duty hassle-free without needing frequent visits to laundrymats and dry cleaners. So let’s see what Samsung 18-inch AirDresser has to offer alongside its official price in Nepal, availability, and more.

Samsung 18-inch AirDresser Overview:

In layman’s terms, AirDresser is basically a big closet that helps keep your clothes clean and fresh. It uses air and steam to get rid of dirt, dust, and germs from your clothes, while also removing odors from sweat, tobacco, unpleasant food, and more. You just hang your clothes inside the AirDresser and it takes care of the rest all by itself in as little as 20 minutes.

Samsung AirDresser

Samsung markets the AirDresser as a “must-have” clothing appliance that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It is mainly targeted toward corporate boardrooms, VIP lounges, clubs, hotels, luxury retailers, and designers. That being said, nothing is stopping parents from using one for their children’s outwear, bedding, and soft toys. 

It can hold up to 2 jackets and 2 pants at once, and here’s how it works:

  • JetSteam: First, the AirDresser uses hot air to sanitize and sterilize clothes by infusing heat deep into the fabric. With this, Samsung says it gets rid of 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of house mites, 99% of odor-causing gases, and 99% of other harmful substances.
  • JetAir: Then, JetAir and Air Hangers inside blow powerful jets of air to remove any dust or debris particles while maintaining minimal noise levels.
  • Heatpump Drying: Now, the AirDresser dries the clothes at low temperatures to reduce the risk of damage or shrinkage. 
  • Deodorizing: In the final stage, Samsung AirDresser uses Air Filters to capture and reduce odor particles caused by sweat, unpleasant food, tobacco, or other things.

What about the smell?

But that would mean the inside of the AirDresser would be quite smelly right? Well, not quite. Samsung AirDresser also has Self-Cleaning Technology that dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the interior. And it also notifies you every 40 cycles for maintenance and cleaning.

Samsung AirDresser features

Besides those, Samsung AirDresser offers Dehumidification and Wrinkle Care features too. Dehumidification allows your clothes to be stored in optimal conditions for a long time while Wrinkle Care can smooth out light wrinkles using steam and air.

Moreover, the Samsung AirDresser is also sleek enough to seamlessly blend into the room. Samsung says this thing has built-in AI to learn your usage habit as well, whereas you can even remotely start, pause, and receive cycle recommendations on your phone via the SmartThings app. For quick controls, there’s an interactive LCD panel where you can view progress and different settings for the AirDresser.

Samsung 18-inch AirDresser Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions and Weight: 445 x 1850 x 632 mm, 85 kg (net)
  • Design: Cotta charcoal door, LCD touchscreen
  • Drying Capacity: 2 jackets + 2 pants (2x air hanger, 2x pant clipper)
  • Performance: Digital inverter motor, Digital inverter compressor, R134a refrigerant
  • Cycle Options: Quick, Sanitize, Delicates, Daily Care, Self Clean, Drying, Room Care
  • Features: JetSteam, Heatpump Drying, Descaling, Keep Fresh, Wrinkle Care, Child Lock, Delay End, Hanger Kit, Fresh Finish
  • Companion app: SmartThings (Android | iOS)

Samsung 18-inch AirDresser Price in Nepal and Availability 

The official Samsung 18-inch AirDresser price in Nepal is NPR 250,000. You can buy Samsung 18-inch AirDresser in Nepal from Samsung Plaza.

Samsung AirDresser Price in Nepal Availability 
18-inch (DF60A8100HG) NPR 250,000 Samsung Plaza