Samsung Galaxy A50 to launch with a huge battery & multiple camera setup

Samsung Galaxy A50
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Samsung seems to be going aggressive with their naming schemes for 2019. The new Samsung Galaxy A50 is set to launch sometime in 2019. Previously rumored to launch with the Exynos 7 9610, new rumors have surfaced for the product.

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The first of which is the 4000mAh battery, although a bit small if compared to the Galaxy M20’s 5000mAh unit. We have seen the Galaxy Note 9 with same amount of battery life perform well, and this one should be no exception.

The other part of the rumor is the 24MP camera, which should act as the primary rear sensor. We are still unsure of the other cameras at the rear or the front. But we are expecting there to be more than one at the back and at the front.

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We already know that the Samsung Galaxy A50 will come with an Exynos 7 9610 SoC. It’s single core GeekBench score is comparable to the Snapdragon 660 while the multi-core score is close to the SD636. The processor will come paired with 4GB RAM and 64/128GB storage.

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A factor that we found was interesting was the inclusion of the Android 9 Pie. Going by the past history, only the flagship, or in this case the Galaxy S10 would debut the newest version of Android for Samsung. This could mean that the A50 will launch after the S10 is official and up in stores.

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We have no idea about when the Samsung Galaxy A50 will be launching nor do we know about the pricing. We do have very slight hints that this phone will come with wireless charging and an optical under-display fingerprint scanner.

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