Here is how much the Samsung Galaxy S10 costs

samsung galaxy s10 rumors
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Samsung’s flagship, the “Galaxy S” series has always been one of the most anticipated devices every year. With that said, its no surprise that they would end up at the back of numerous leaks and rumors, and this year was certainly no exception.

[Update: Check out the official price of S10e, S10 and S10 Plus here]

We already know there will be three variants of the S10, namely the S10 Lite, the S10, and the S10 Plus. The addition of a 1TB storage option is also nothing new. Although, here is something you might have not known in particular, their price tag.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S10

Storage Galaxy S10 Lite Samsung Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus
128GB £670 £800 £900
512GB £1,000 £1,100
1TB £1,400

Again, these are leaks and the price may or may not pan out to be true. Either way, this does give us a really compelling idea of how much the flagships should cost.

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In addition to the leaked prices, there were rumors that one of the smartphones would feature 5G. As we have come to know now, the Galaxy S10 Plus with the 1TB storage is that smartphone.

samsung galaxy s10 alleged designs

In addition, the same device is said to boast 6 cameras, 2 at the front 4 at the back. Rumors also hint at the inclusion of Powershare, allowing the Galaxy S10 to charge other smartphones wirelessly analogous to the Mate 20.

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Other leaks about the device include a 6.7″ display, under display fingerprint sensor, a huge battery, and a display hole. Likewise, the new devices will likely be powered by either the Exynos 9820 or the Snapdragon 855.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Leaked image

Doubts about the headphone jack have surfaced as well. Moreover the Face ID Samsung had been working on might also not make it either, for now anyway. At least the in-display fingerprint sensor is coming to a Samsung smartphone.

The Galaxy S10 Trio is said to launch on 20th February. In addition, sales will begin as soon as March 8. The Galaxy S10 Plus with the 1TB storage and 5G will be revealed at a later date. Furthermore, there are speculations that the 5G Galaxy S10 will be a limited edition.