Samsung Galaxy S10: Launch date and More rumors

samsung galaxy s10 rumors
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Samsung Galaxy S10 is the hot new flagship set to launch on February 20. So, there have been so many rumors already about the phone. And not only that, but there have been photos of the cases, protective films, and even the phone itself that gives us a very clear idea. And now, we have some more rumors regarding the phone.

The latest leaks are inclined towards the Galaxy S10 having three variants. S10 Lite (to be officially called the Galaxy S10 E), S10 regular and S10 Plus. And by the leaks published by Ice universe, it shows three transparent cases. Which reveals a 5.8″ display, a 6.1″ and a 6.4″ on the phones, which probably belong to the Lite, Regular and Plus respectively.

samsung galaxy s10 specs leaks
Source: Twitter / Ice universe

Also, the leaks reveal battery sizes as well. The Lite variant will most likely have a 3100 mAh battery. This is actually a confirmation as the rumor was already there. But now, we have hinted at the battery sizes of the other two larger phones as well. The regular S10 will have a 3500 mAh battery while the Plus model will most likely have 4000 mAh of battery.

samsung galaxy s10 cases
Source: Twitter / Ice universe

This makes these phones comparable to some current Samsung phones. Going by the display size, the S10 Lite can be compared to the Galaxy S9, the regular S10 to the S9 Plus and the S10 Plus to the Note 9. But, a video where he compares the Galaxy S10’s protection film to various Samsung devices, contradicts this. And it is clear in the video that the S10’s size is smaller than that of the S9 Plus. It is actually equal to the Galaxy S9. Yes, this might be confusing, but with Samsung being able to remove the chin and bezels, it might have been able to reduce the footprint of the device while keeping a bigger screen.

There may be pictures out there, but these are only leaks, though. The only thing we are sure of is that the Galaxy S10 lineups will all have the Snapdragon 855 or the Exynos 9820 SoC on all variants. And not only that, being able to include a larger battery in a smaller footprint is actually impressive as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 E Geekbench score

A few other leaks reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S10 E will be the only smartphone of the three to not come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It will also be the one to include a flat screen. Furthermore, we also have a screenshot of it going through the Geekbench benchmarking app. The numbers are quite low, actually lower than the SD845, but the software isn’t quite in its final stages yet. By the final version, we should see a significant boost in these scores.

Samsung Galaxy S10 One UI

The final piece of leak comes from Samsung itself while trying to show off their new One UI. One of the screenshots of the UI revealed Samsung using a mockup of a certain smartphone with a hole punch display and curved edges. The only phone we know that matches these descriptions is the Galaxy S10 itself. Ergo an actual photo of the Galaxy S10 from Samsung.