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Xiaomi MI Band 4 launched: An affordable wearable with plenty of amazing features

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The Xiaomi MI Band 3 was a huge hit. The company managed to sell over 1 million units in India alone. Even on the global sales record, Xiaomi did really well. A recent report from IDC Worldwide Quarterly Wearables tracker revealed that Xiaomi has the second biggest market share when it comes to wearables and smartwatches and managed 6.6 million units of sales in Q1 2019. And the MI Band 3 had quite a huge role for that feat. But MI band 3 has been quite old and it’s quite losing its charm in terms of sales. Maybe that’s the reason why the company decided to bring the successor MI Band 4. And the major upgrade Xiaomi MI band 4 has brought is the color AMOLED display. But what has not changed over the years is its affordable price tag.

Xiaomi MI Band 4 Specifications:

The MI Band 3 had a 0.78-inch display, which was monochrome by nature. So all the contents used to display in black and white color. But in the new MI Band 4, Xiaomi not only increased the screen size by 40% but also included a more appealing color AMOLED display.  So in addition to deep black contents, you can also look some colorful watch faces. Talking about the watch faces, you can get up to 77 colorful dial themes for added personalization. Apart from that, its 0.95-inch display also comes with 2.5D scratch resistant glass on the top. The resolution here is 120 x 240 pixels if you are concerned about that!

Xiaomi has also included eight distinct bands (counting the exclusive Avengers bands) to match users liking and personality.

xiaomi mi band colors

Now let’s talk about the things inside the device. And the majority of attention definitely shifts towards the new six-axis high precision accelerometer. This advanced sensor aids in better sports tracking. And as of now, the device is already capable of recognizing the swimming strokes (including Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly stroke, and Medley). The smartwatch also helps its users determine their swimming performance while making strokes. And while you are in the water, you can dive deep up to 50 meters without damaging this wearable. The MI Band 4 comes with a waterproof design and can be easily used at the pressure up to 5ATM.

Apart from swimming, the smartwatch can track 5 other sport modes like indoor/outdoor running, exercise, cycling, and walking as well.

Xiaomi has also included a mic and an in-built AI voice assistant, named Xiao AI. This means that you can give voice commands to make your device do the tasks. With AI assistant on the board, users will also be able to operate and control IoT equipment via voice commands as well as other compatible smart devices. Since digital payment is on the rise, Xiaomi didn’t hesitate to incorporate NFC for that. Using NFC, users can make payments through popular digital wallets like AliPay and WeChat Pay.

Even when it comes to the battery, Xiaomi doesn’t disappoint. The normal version comes with 135mAh battery, which promises 20 days of backup. Similarly, the NFC version comes with a tad bit smaller battery (125mAh) and lasts for 15 days.

Xiaomi MI Band 4 Price and availability:

The price is what makes it even more intriguing. The normal version costs 169 Yuan ($25) whereas the variant with NFC demands 229 Yuan ($33). There is also the Avengers Limited Edition, which comes with unique colored bands, a custom metal dial and a matching metal wrist buckle. And this premium variant will cost you 349 Yuan ($51).

xiaomi mi band 4 avengers edition

As of now, the device is announced only for China. Xiaomi hasn’t announced the global availability of MI Band 4 yet. In China, the first round of sales is supposed to begin on 14th June.