Apex Digital Initiates a Nationwide Mobile Phone Chain Store in Nepal

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    Buying a smartphone has not been a smooth experience for a lot of users. It starts with researching and comparing the products, finding a product you like, selecting a store of choice from the many crowded stores, being pulled by the store promoters with puzzling alternatives and being pushed a product which you may not be intending to buy at the first place. We all have experienced this in one way or other. Apex Group has built an approach to tackle this tedious situation through Apex Digital.

    Apex Digital has initiated the establishment of a chain of mobile phone stores referred as “smart stores”. The smart stores will be one of a kind experience stores where the customers will be able to touch and feel, and use the smartphones of different brands under the same roof. The stores focus on providing flexibility and convenience to the customers and ensure a smooth buying experience.


    Two of the stores were opened today, one at the prime location of Pako,New Road and another at Thimi ,Bhaktapur. This chain of stores will not be limited within the valley. Three of its stores will be opened tomorrow at Dharan, Itahari, and Pokhara. Apex Digital plans expand its stores all over the country. Apex plans to expand upto 40 stores, within the next two years in a phase wise expansion strategy.

    The store has several interactive booths for experiencing the phones. Each brand has been provided their own booth with their phones on display. Also, the flagship phones are placed at one booth. Upon picking up the phone and using it, the specifications of the phones are displayed on the interactive screen placed in front of each booth. On top of that upon holding two phones the interactive screen displays the comparisons between the two phones you have picked. Now that is something which we don’t experience on current stores.

    Apex Digital has stated that customers will receive a variety of presents upon their purchase.Cash discount ranging from 5% to 50% will be given to the customers around the year as well as a tempered glass and a case, with every purchase.  Along with that customers will be given other gifts like cup, selfie stick, t-shirts, and lot more depending on their purchase. More to that,a lucky draw shall be conducted for a bumper prize. And this doesn’t stop here; customers will also be presented with Pamacare scents depending upon the purchase. Focusing on the large share of smartphone user which are students, Apex Digital plans to run an offer through which students would have a chance to study TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE and GMAT for free.

    Apex Digital has commenced a refreshing engagement in the current smartphone market of Nepal. Their determination is overwhelming and the accomplishment will most favor the customers who are eager for a hassle free shopping experience, for devices they seek. The smartphone market is booming at the current phase and the initiation of a nationwide chain of the smart store is definitely a turning point into a new direction. Apex Digital has focused on offering consistent as well as trustworthy service from their chain smart stores which seems promising to current customers not locally but nationally.