Canon showcases 250 Megapixel DSLR camera sensor

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What is the highest resolution of a camera that you have heard – 4k, 8k or 16k? Put your hearings aside and take a look at Canon’s new camera technology. Canon has recently announced that it has developed a new imaging sensor format which is capable of capturing 125 times Full HD and around 30 times the 4k resolution. That counts around 250 megapixel.

The sensor is so powerful that it can capture image which is extremely far from us. When the engineers of Canon tested the sensor, they were able to capture the image where they could read the letter of an airplane flying about 18 kilometers away.

A normal Canon DSLR camera has a sensor of APS-C format, while other professional camera have full-frame sensor. This new technology uses APS-H sensor format which is bigger than APS-C format but still smaller than the full-frame sensor. That means it can still fit in DSLR camera. Canon has claimed that the 250 megapixel will consist of world’s highest number of pixels i.e. 19580*12600 pixels. It has said that it is currently developing this technology for surveillance and crime prevention tools. We hope to see it in DSLR cameras as well in the future.