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Windows 11 unveiled features system requirements rollout

Microsoft officially launches Windows 11: Here’s everything to know

Remember when Microsoft said that Windows 10 would be the final version of the OS? Pepperidge Farm remembers! Well, the company has officially taken...
TPM on Windows 11

Explained: What is TPM and why do you need it for Windows 11?

Microsoft's Windows 11 is finally here after a long wait. The new version of Windows introduces multiple highlighting features including Android app support (albeit...
Microsoft next generation Windows 11

Microsoft to unveil “the next generation of Windows” later this month

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 in 2015, and the company has been upgrading it ever since. In the past, a new version of Windows would...
Do Your Data Recovery Tool Download Instruction

Do Your Data Overview: Data Recovery Tool for Windows and MacOS

I bet that every one of us has been in a situation in which we have lost important data from our computer. Be it...
microsoft hardware software windows merger

Microsoft announces merger between its hardware and Windows divisions

Big changes might be on the way for Microsoft Surface laptops. And that's all because of a major announcement made by Microsoft today. They...
Microsoft ends support for Windows 7

Microsoft finally ends support for the beloved Windows 7: Farewell, old friend!

As much we love Windows 7, we must face the fact that it is dead now. Windows has ended support for the much-loved Windows...
alienware specs detail 2018 8th gen price

Dell Alienware laptops refreshed with Intel Core i9 processor

The XPS 15 and Inspiron G series (and Alienware) are out with Intel's new 8th gen processors. These laptops feature the new 8th gen...
windows 10 gadgetbyte nepal upgrade

Microsoft to finally end free Windows 10 upgrade

It has been a couple of years since Microsoft gave its users a chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. This was a...
top microsoft apps for android nepal

Top 10 Microsoft Apps for Android (2017 edition)

Following the death of Windows OS for Android, it's only logical for Microsoft to invest on Android. With over a billion potential users, one...
windows phone dead gadgetbyte nepal

Windows Phone is dead – Microsoft confirms

Windows Phone was destined to die since the early beginning days of Androids and iPhone. They did share their good share of momentum, as...