Samsung Internet is now available on Windows

Samsung Browser for Windows
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In the ever-expanding landscape of web browsers, a new player has entered the battleground; Samsung Internet. This addition offers users an alternative browsing experience beyond the usual suspects like Chrome and Edge. Now available on the Microsoft Store, Samsung Internet brings familiarity from Samsung Galaxy tablets and Android phones to Windows users. In this article, let us dive into exploring what Samsung has to offer.

Samsung Internet for Windows: An Overview

Compatibility Across Devices

Samsung Internet for browsers

Regardless of your device, be it a Samsung Galax Book or a Surface Laptop Studio, Samsung Browser for Windows is readily accessible. The download is a quick process, with the file size being under 130MB, ensuring a swift installation on Windows 10 or higher. This inclusivity allows a diverse range of users to explore the Samsung Internet experience on their PCs.

Chromium-Powered Similarity

Much like its Android counterpart, Samsung Browser for Windows leverages the Chromium project as its foundation. Signing in with a Samsung Account is seamless, providing users with anticipated features such as ad blockers, extensions, and the popular light and dark modes. The consistent experience across platforms is a key strength of Samsung Internet for Windows.

Syncing Capabilities with a Catch:

Samsung Internet For Windows

Samsung Internet aims to bridge the gap between your phone and PC by offering syncing capabilities for browsing history, bookmarks, and open tabs. However, it’s essential to note the current limitation – password syncing is not yet available. While this feature is lacking, it presents an area for potential improvement in future updates.

Language Barrier in Early Stages

During the initial stages, users might encounter some language barriers, particularly with the splash screen. Although this doesn’t impact the core functionality, it’s a minor aspect that might be addressed in subsequent updates, ensuring a smoother user experience, especially for English speakers.

Performance Observations

While Samsung Internet for Windows doesn’t claim the throne for the smoothest scrolling, it’s a noteworthy option for those seeking alternatives. Initial testing reveals some struggles in scrolling, and loading times on YouTube may be slightly longer compared to established browsers like Chrome and Edge. These performance considerations highlight areas where Samsung Internet could refine its user experience.

Samsung Internet for Windows: A Work-in-Progress

Samsung Internet for Windows appears to be a work in progress, evident in its performance quirks and syncing limitations. The absence of password syncing and minor language translation gaps indicate that improvements could enhance this browser’s competitive edge in the crowded browser space.

A Consideration for Samsung Enthusiasts

For users deeply embedded in the Samsung ecosystem, Samsung Internet for Windows offers a touch of familiarity on a different platform. While it might not be the smoothest experience at the moment, it’s a notable addition, especially for those who value seamless synchronization between their Samsung devices.

Samsung Internet for Windows: Conclusion

In conclusion, Samsung Internet for Windows emerges as a fresh contender in the browser arena. As the app evolves, addressing performance and syncing nuances could propel it to a more prominent position among users exploring alternatives in the crowded browser space.

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