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Xiaomi CyberOne Announced

CyberOne is Xiaomi’s first full-sized humanoid robot, and it looks pretty cool

Xiaomi no longer remains a smartphone company as it has been aggressively diversifying its portfolio. From robotics to electric vehicles, the corporation has been...
Dyson Robots

Dyson is working on robots that will keep your house clean

Dyson is a well-known brand for vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and bladeless fans. The firm, however, plans to make more than just household utilities....

Kawasaki’s new ride is not a Motorcycle—it’s a goat

Spot, Boston Dynamic's robot dog, has regularly made headlines for his unusual dancing moves and stunts. However, it now has a competitor to steal...
Mechanical Yak Robot

China develops world’s largest military robot—the “Mechanical Yak”

China has recently developed a giant electric-powered quadrupled robot, called the “mechanical yak”. It can carry over 352 pounds of weight and can survive...
Hyundai MobED

Hyundai MobED is a 4-wheel robot that carries your champagne glass around

Hyundai, a well-known automobile manufacturer, has unveiled the MobED mobility platform. It's like a small trolly robot to carry everyday items. The first concept...
Weilan AlphaDog unveiled robot pet Boston Dynamics Spot alternative affordable

Weilan unveils AlphaDog, a $2400 alternative to Boston Dynamics’ Spot

Boston Dynamics wowed the world with its Spot, the robot dog. And now, the company's got a rival from China. Weilan, a Chinese robotics...
Pulchowk Robotics Club in ABU Robocon Festival 2020

Pulchowk Robotics Club representing Nepal in ABU Robocon Festival 2020

This year’s ABU Robocon 2020, which was supposed to take place in Fiji, has been suspended because of the situation caused by the ongoing...
Spot robot launched features price availability

Boston Dynamics launches Spot robot commercially in the US

After almost a year of real-world testing, Boston Dynamics has announced that its four-legged robot, Spot, is now ready for a commercial launch. This...