Hyundai MobED is a 4-wheel robot that carries your champagne glass around

Hyundai MobED
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Hyundai, a well-known automobile manufacturer, has unveiled the MobED mobility platform. It’s like a small trolly robot to carry everyday items. The first concept was shown at CES in January 2021, and the company has now shared a few more details about it via a press release. So, let’s go through the specs and features of the new Hyundai MobED.

Hyundai MobED Overview:


Hyundai MobED Design

The MobED is a four-wheeled robot that measures just 67 x 60cm and weighs around 50kg. Its four 12-inch pneumatic tires can be individually controlled by a trio of motors at the end of each axel. It also includes a strong suspension system that allows the central platform to tilt in any direction. As a result, whether driving up or down a ramp, MobED can easily maintain the level.

Meant for carrying

MobED can travel for 4 hours on a single charge and has a top speed of 30km/h. Similarly—as per the company’s promotional video—it may be used as a personal caddy to hold your daily stuff or to tote a pyramid of champagne glasses.

Hyundai MobED with loads

It can even be used as a baby carriage, although we don’t know how safe it is just yet. Furthermore, Hyundai also believes that it can be scaled up to be used as a mobility device for elderly or physically impaired people.

Apart from that, Hyundai hasn’t revealed what kind of sensors were utilized or any information regarding the autonomous software that was employed.

Hyundai MobED Price and Launch

Hyundai is yet to disclose the availability and pricing details of MobED. However, the press statement did mention that MobED will be exhibited at CES 2022, which will be held from January 5-8, 2022.

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