Ex-Xiaomi employee creates the world’s first Android desktop robot

JoyfulRobotics Desktop Robot launched
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Ex-Xiaomi founding member Li Ming’s “JoyfulRobotics” has ventured into the AI + hardware space with the world’s first Android desktop robot. And it’s pretty affordable too. So let’s take a deeper look at the JoyfulRobotics Desktop Robot.

JoyfulRobotics Desktop Robot: Overview

Joyful Robotics Desktop Robot

Starting off, this is quite a tiny desktop companion, measuring just 16.5 cm tall. It features a 2.1-inch circular display and ear-shaped protrusions on either side and feet for movement. The bezel between the circular screen and the chassis is quite noticeable though. Overall, its design is quite unique; mostly thanks to the humanoid face and ears.

Features and Software

Moving onto the abilities of this guy, firstly it can display a wide range of rich emotions. Users can even install their own DIY emoticons and customize the face to their preferences. It runs on “GeeUI” which has different “interaction modes” that users can choose from. Including electronic pet mode, function mode, and hybrid mode.

Joyful Robotics Desktop Robot features

Besides emoticons, the screen can display time, reminders, news, countdowns, stock prices, and calls. Moreover, JoyfulRobotics will be granting users full access to the Desktop Robot’s interface through future updates. That means you can install Android apps regardless of whether they are optimized or not. And if you want, the company will also be offering developer ROM via OTA updates that will grant full root access for unlimited customization.

What’s more?

Besides that, this robot has Chinese voice chat abilities and supports touch features and mobile input. Users will also feel haptic feedback while interacting with the robot, and it supports air gestures too. JoyfulRobotics even mentioned a “secret interactive mode” for the Desktop Robot but we will have to wait and see what that actually does.

This thing charges via a wireless charging pad that comes in the box. But you can also choose to juice it via USB-C cable as well.

JoyfulRobotics Desktop Robot Price and Availability

In China, this Desktop Robot is available for CNY 1,799 (around USD 250 / INR 20,500 / NPR 32,800). The company has partnered up with Tmall to bring this product to the global market as well.

JoyfulRobotics Desktop Robot Price in China
Desktop bot CNY 1,799
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