Here’s how I bought the Redmi Note 7 for just Rs. 16,049 from Daraz

Redmi Note 7 price nepal
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It had been a while I’d been looking for a decent budget smartphone. For a budget of under Rs. 20000, I couldn’t find something appealing yet equally capable. But, with Daraz Mobile Week 2019, I thought I had a chance. After all, it is creating quite a buzz in the market, lately. But my experience with Daraz wasn’t all sunshine on its 11.11 Sales Day. And I was a bit skeptic about this one too. However, with Daraz giving it so much hype, particularly with those 25% discounts on payment with credit/debit cards, I thought, why not? I needed to buy a phone anyway. But as a cynic, I took screenshots of every step I followed while making the purchase. But in the end, it was worth it. Because I bought a Rs. 22,000 phone for only Rs.16000! Here’s how I did it.

I have been an account holder of NIC Asia Bank. And since Daraz was offering a 25% discount up to Rs.5000 for purchases through their debit/credit card, I actually got it activated for online payment. That is the policy in Nepal, so, had to do it. Still, it was worth it. Fortunately, it only took a few minutes. But for those who don’t have a NIC Asia Bank a/c, Siddhartha Bank is also offering the same kind of incentives (25%).

Other banks are also providing discounts like Nabil Bank, Sanima Bank, Standard Charted Bank of various magnitudes. But the best offers are from NIC Asia and Siddhartha Bank, though.

So, after the activation of my card, I opened the Daraz App. I wanted to get the Redmi Note 7, and that was within my budget. And after a quick search, I found the Redmi Note 7 (3 / 32 GB) listed for a price of Rs.21,999. But there was also Rs.1000 worth of discount voucher in there, which I wasn’t aware of. I used that voucher code “19MW1000” on checkout and grabbed that penny-saving voucher.

Then I filled all the necessary details in. And at the time of payment, I chose the payment option as “Debit Card”, after which, a new Window popped up for me to fill in my card details. After the credentials was over, I got an OTP Code on my phone. After entering that, and a successful validation later, I got an extra 5000 discount! Which means, with the voucher earlier, I had the Rs.21999 for Rs.20999. But with the NIC Asia Debit payment, I got the phone for Rs.16,049 (Rs.50 is the shipping charge).

That was my experience with Daraz Mobile Week. But I want to clear something up. Because 25% discount won’t necessarily get you 25% on the cost of the device. You actually get a maximum of Rs. 5000. So, do not get confused on that front. But following similar procedures, you can purchase the Pocophone F1 for Rs. 27,999, Galaxy M40 for Rs. 31, 190, and the Galaxy S10 for Rs. 88,500, and Huawei Nova 4 for Rs. 44,900 as well.

Since the Mobile Week 2019 will last till the 30th June, you still have time if you are interested.

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