Doko app, an initiation by Rabi Lamichhane will help treat COVID-19 patients for free

    Doko app help treat corona patients
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    The number of COVID-19 cases in Nepal is increasing at an alarming rate, and so are the death tolls. In the midst of all this tragedy, Rabi Lamichhane’s initiation, the Doko app, looks to ease things by a bit. Doko app will now help treat COVID-19 patients who cannot afford to be admitted to pricey hospitals.

    Doko App Overview:

    Inside the app, you just need to play a game to help corona patients. Isn’t that fascinating? Rabi Lamichhane says no one will lose in the game—anyone who participates will win. To begin, ensure that you have registered with the app which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Then, how we can help?

    After successfully signing up, you must register for an episode called “Kam Ka Kura.” You can see a daily package and a weekly package here, which can be subscribed for NPR 19 and NPR 49, respectively. When you choose a package, you’ll be taken to the payment options page. After you make the payment, you will be enrolled in the game.

    Here’s the take. The money we pay during registration goes straight to COVID-19 patients’ care. The game will have a duration of almost 45 minutes and will be playable three days a week. Not only you are helping the team, but you can also win NPR 1 lakh if you correctly answer all of the questions.

    So, either you win for yourself or you can choose to donate to the money. This is why Rabi Lamichhane said no one will lose in the game. He added that if the app receives more user engagement, the advertisements will also help generate money for treatment.

    Janamaitri Hospital has collaborated on this initiative and will offer all necessary facilities for COVID-19 patients at a fee they can afford, or for free. The hospital, which is located in Balaju, Kathmandu, has over 100 normal beds, 12 ICU beds, and 7 ventilators.


    We wholeheartedly applaud this initiative launched by Rabi Lamichhane & the team and Janamaitri Hospital to help treat COVID-19 patients with the revenue generated from the Doko app. And what we want to say is let’s make the best use of the app, which will benefit both the team and you (if you win the game). Also, please take all precautionary steps recommended by the government or local authorities to remain safe. Learn more about the initiative here.

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