Facebook 360 degree video Announced

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    World popular social networking site Facebook has entered into the virtual world. It announced the support of 360-degree videos. With this step, Facebook showed that it can also enter into the world of VR (Virtual Reality).

    Actually, Facebook had already announced last year that it invested two billion dollars for Oculus VR. Thats why this news is not a surprise at all. Even the 360 video technology is not a surprise for the world, because youtube had already announced it some months back.


    How can you play it?

    Just open the 360 video in your smartphone and rotate your device in right-left, up-down, forward-backward, or in any direction you want. However, you can use your mouse to play it in your PC. It works more accurately in smartphones, especially in Android-based devices. iOS users, however, cannot experience it now as Facebook has planned for it in next few months.

    Here is a sample 360 degree video from Discovery: LINK