JBL Authentics speaker series launched in India

JBL Authentic Series Price Nepal
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JBL is one of the most popular audio accessories brands in the world. They updated their Clip, Xtreme, and GO line of products back in CES 2024. Now the company has unveiled a new lineup of speakers in India. In this article, we will discuss the JBL Authentics series in further detail including its expected price in Nepal.

JBL Authentics Series Overview

The JBL Authentics series includes three members, each carrying the “Authentics” name and separated by a number at the back — 200, 300, and 500.

Design and Features

JBL took a page out of their books for the design of the Authentics series, as these speakers share a fair share of similarities with the JBL L100 that launched back in the 70s. Given that, the entire series has the same retro aesthetic and comes with an aluminium frame and synthetic leather enclosures. On top of that, these speakers also have the classic Quadrex grille.

JBL Authentic Connectivity

The JBL Authentics series comes equipped with both Bluetooth and WiFi offering wireless connectivity with your devices. Furthermore, you can stream your music through AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM), Chromecast, as well as Spotify Connect. When doing so, your music remains uninterrupted when you take a call or leave the room. In the meantime, the entire JBL Authentics series calibrates itself to deliver optimum audio performance regardless of the surface type. Moreover, these speaker features both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa while offering further controls and personalisation via the JBL One app.


In terms of the audio, all three members of the JBL Authentics series have their own thing going on.

The JBL Authentics 200 comes with a 90W digital amplifier, dual 1-inch silk dome tweeters, a 5-inch full-range mid-woofer, and a 6-inch passive radiator. Likewise, the dome tweeters remain unchanged on the JBL Authentics 300, but every other aspect gets a bump. That being said, you get a 100W digital amplifier, a 5.25-inch full-range mid-woofer, and a 6.5-inch passive radiator.

JBL Authentic Audio

Lastly, the best of the bunch i.e. JBL Authentics 500 goes all out with a 270W digital amplifier, triple horn-loaded 1-inch aluminium tweeters, triple 2.7-inch high-excursion mid-woofers, and 6.5-inch down-firing subwoofer. Additionally, you also get dual patented JBL Slipstream ports and Dolby Atmos 3.1 channel sound support.

JBL Authentics Series Specifications

  • Design: JBL L100-inspired retro design
  • Materials: Aluminium frame, synthetic leather enclosures, Quadrex grille
  • Audio:
    • JBL Authentics 200: 90W digital amplifier with DSP, Dual 1” silk dome tweeters, 5” Full-range mid-woofer, 6” passive radiator
    • JBL Authentics 300: 100W digital amplifier with DSP, Dual 1” silk dome tweeters, 5.25” full-range mid-woofer, 6.5” Passive Radiator
    • JBL Authentics 500: 270W digital amplifier with DSP, Triple horn-loaded 1” aluminium tweeters, triple 2.7” high excursion mid-woofer, 6.5” down-firing subwoofer, Dolby Atmos 3.1 channel support
  • Playtime: 8 hours (JBL Authentics 300 and 500)
  • Connectivity: WiFi + Bluetooth
  • Other Features: Automatic tuning according to surface, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Companion App: JBL One (Android | iOS)

JBL Authentics Series Price in Nepal and Availability

The entire JBL Authentics series is available for purchase in India via official channels. You can get these speakers from a starting price of INR 44,999. If and when these speakers make their way here, we expect the JBL Authentics series price in Nepal to start at NPR 74,999.

JBL Authentics Series Price in India (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
JBL Authentics 200 INR 44,999 NPR 74,999
JBL Authentics 300 INR 54,999 NPR 89,999
JBL Authentics 500 INR 79,999 NPR 129,999
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