Nepal Government set to introduce a regulation for e-commerce sites

    nepal government e-commerce regulation
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    E-commerce sites are in a growing number these days. The e-commerce companies are gaining popularity every day as more people are opting for buying good online.

    So, the Government of Nepal is now looking to regulate the sites that are really hitting it off, even with their slow start when compared against the neighboring states. The government only recently introduced policies related to the regulation of social media platforms in use in Nepal.

    The government plans to come up with a list of policies that will help the public, and make the e-commerce companies more responsible for their services.

    Talking to The Kathmandu Post, Toya Narayan Gyawali, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies, said that a draft consisting of the regulations will be prepared within a month. He also mentioned that the draft will then be proposed to the Cabinet for approval.

    With the growing number of e-commerce sites, there aren’t any policies regulating their work. And it’s probably the reason why there are a lot of complaints from the customers. Therefore, to make the online market free of any misconduct and fraudulent activities, the government will be looking forward to implementing this regulation.

    Talking to the Post, Gyawali mentioned that the government has already held talks with the private sector for the preparation of the draft. China and India have seen a rise in their country’s online marketplace, and Nepal will look to achieve the same feat with this new regulation in place.

    With 63% of the population online in 2017, Nepal is seeing a surge of online shoppers. There are a lot of e-commerce sites like Daraz and Sastodeal that offer a variety of products to their customers.