Nepal Telecom Network allegedly hacked by Anonymous ‪opnep

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A group of Nepalese hacker named Anonymous opnep has claimed to have breached into the server of Nepal Telecom, the biggest telecommunication service provider in Nepal. Hackers have gained access to all the details of NTC users that include username, citizenship name, father’s name as well as other private information which you have to fill up during new SIM registration. A statement by Anonymous on their facebook page reads as:

“Dear @Nepal telecom, We are anonymous #opnep. As the inner corruption is getting bigger, Where 1mb or fewer megas are transferred to the clients through Adsl, broadband instead of 5-6 MB. We are watching you, we were watching you and we will WATCH YOU. We are not going to take down NTC server which will cost Millions of rupees to Nepali government, but we are taking control of everything.  Private message us your number and we will find your detail and provide you your details which are registered in NTC server.” 

The hackers also posted a message that said “Our plan is not to hurt Nepali Citizen which can create trouble in future, We hate Government, not Citizen” meaning they are pissed off with Nepal Telecom’s poor internet connection service. As expected, no one from Nepal Telecom has not said anything regarding an alleged breach of their database server.

Gadgetbyte will contact Nepal Telecom for comment and will update this report when we learn more.