6 Useful Tips to Reduce Computer Induced Eye Strain

    reduce computer eye strain
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    We are in front of our computers and smartphones all the time. As important as our work is or as enjoyable it is to use these devices, we’ve also got to think things the other way round. There are negative aftermaths of the use of these devices on our physical and mental health that, no matter how much we want, cannot be kept aside.

    One of such problems regarding health is what most of us face – the eye strain problem! The problem of eye strain may include annoyances like eye twitching, red and burning eyes, blurred vision, and headache,g among the others.

    If all these sounds familiar, here are a few tips that you can consider to reduce your computer eye strain.

    Blink frequently:

    The easiest of all tips! Long non- blinking phases cause tears to evaporate quickly, hence, placing your eyes at a greater risk of dryness. So, let’s consider being a frequent blinker to keep our eyes moist and hydrated.

    The 20-20-20 rule:

    What this rule asks you to do is,  look away from your screen. The trick is, for every 20 minutes you spend looking at your computer screen, look away from it towards any object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This is a very effective exercise that will help reduce visual fatigue.

    Use proper lighting:

    When using your computers or smartphones try avoiding the use of high-intensity overhead lamps that cast shadows. Also, bright light from outside can cause visual strain. Try using floor lamps which will provide indirect lighting. Similarly, try positioning your screen so that windows are to the side, not in front or behind.

    Adjust your display and screen settings:

    Make suitable changes to the brightness of your device to match the brightness of your surroundings. Similarly, adjust the text size, try not to make it too small. In regards to contrast, black print on a white background is the most recommended for eye solace. For best results, use a blue light filter, i.e. reduce the color temperature for better viewing comfort.

    Consider minimizing glare:

    Constant glaring at a screen or any finished surface causes eye strain. For remedying this, you can install an anti-glare screen. Also, if possible, try painting plane or light walls to something darker with a matte finish. This will help reduce eye strain to a whole better level.

    Think of getting a nerdy look:

    What I mean by this is, try wearing computer eye-wear a.k.a glasses. This actually helps a lot to reduce problems relating to eye strain. Computer glasses help optimize your eyesight while looking at digital screens and helps reduce glare. The use of anti-reflective glasses will lessen your troubles regarding eye-strain!