18:9 Screen Aspect Ratio: Is it here to stay?

    18:9 screen aspect ratio
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    It’s the LG that pioneered in bringing 18:9 screen aspect ratio to the smartphones. The LG G6 is the first phone to sport odd 18:9 aspect ratio on its display. Well, there are many different reasons for LG to come with such decision and we’ll surely be discussing on that. But following its footsteps, even the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ come with fairly similar 18.5:9 aspect ratio. So the question now is, is 18:9 screen aspect ratio the next de facto for future smartphone displays?

    What’s so good about 18:9 screen smartphones over 16:9 screen smartphones?

    • The screens with 18:9 or should I say 2:1 aspect ratio, aid in better one hand usability. The taller and narrower phones are giving us better ergonomics without compromising on the screen size.
    • The 2:1 screen aspect ratio seems more practical for multitasking giving better rooms for two apps to be running on square (1:1) split-screens.
    • Since the multimedia contents (Cinematographies and TV shows) have already started being shot and produced on Univisium Format (2:1). It makes more sense to watch such contents on the screen of same aspect ratio.
    • Reading web-contents have become easier in taller displays as they will accommodate more lines on the same page.

    What are the current challenges for opting 18:9 screen smartphones over 16:9 screen Smartphones?

    Though the 18:9 screen smartphones are already available for purchase and use. The first few months, the experience with the phone wouldn’t be that rich. Since it is only recently that phones with such odd screen aspect ratio made their debut so the contents and the apps aren’t that responsive for such screen type. So, what is the use of a phone with big screen and thin bezels that will still produce black borders by the side of the contents that are based on 16:9 aspect ratio. But, since Google already requested its developers to make their apps to support taller display types, we can expect more apps supporting this 2:1 aspect ratio with time.

    Is 18:9 screen aspect ratio the next de facto for future smartphones?

    Well, I so much want to go with the “solid Yes” as the answer but for now, I’ll keep myself on the hold since it’ll be too early to judge. But with such big names in mobile phone industry already producing phone screens with the 18:9 aspect ratio, it certainly hinting towards this screen type is here to stay. Not just for the content, but for the usability as well. This aspect ratio makes more sense than any. This new screen aspect ratio already seems to address the customer’s dream of having a big screen phone that doesn’t feel so big on the hands.