A 5 second video that crashes any iPhones or iPads

Photo credits: EverythingApplePro
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Well, what kind of bugs do you think is needed, to crash any iPhone or iPad? Apparently, a five-second video does the job. A 5-second .mp4 video that crashes any iPhones or iPads, is going viral since yesterday.

Glitch Video: https://vk.com/doc106491973_439166823

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user and hasn’t got a .mp4 video link from any of your friends recently then you are lucky to not have a friend pulling pranks on you. A five-second video circling the web has been reported to have crashed iPhones and iPads of many. But if you by any chance happen to be a victim. There is no need to panic. The bug won’t have a long-lasting effect on your device. The victimized device will work as it was working before just after a force reboot.

A forced reboot can be done on your device by simply pressing the home button and lock button together for around 10 seconds. The new iPhone 7/7 Plus users are likely to panic more because, unlike old devices, force reboot is done by pressing volume down and lock button together in these new devices. Then the apple logo will start showing up, that’s the boot screen. After a minute or two, your device is all good to go. But remember, not to play that video again. If you do, you have to repeat the same fix again.

For those wondering what’s in the video that actually makes any iPhones or iPads freeze, when you play the video in Safari, you would see a boy standing by his bed and catching something like a paper that is passed to him. The word “HONEY” is overlayed on the video. At the end of the video, there’s this credential to a Russian Social Networking site, Miaopai. There is literally nothing in that 5 seconds video. What happens is after the video is done playing. You’ll notice your phone slowing down, freezing up and finally crashing in just lesser than 30 seconds. If you are one of those who believes your phone will fix on its own, you’ll be waiting forever staring at your screen playing that video buffering kind of graphics.

The bug is most likely sparked because the video is a corrupt file which starts a memory leak chain when it is opened in Apple’s Safari web browser, reports The Next Web.

The Apple hasn’t said much regarding this issue and will certainly fix it with an update very soon. So, stay away from such video links until your device gets a new update.
And for those Android Fanboys who are thinking to search for that video link with the intent of sending it to their friend with iPhone or iPad who always argues saying IOS is greater than Android, just don’t do it. But still, if you do, let them know about the quick fix.