The next wireless standard is officially called “5G” & it has a New Logo

    The new next generation wireless technology has been named as 5G and its official logo has also been released. The technology is said to aim for a higher bandwidth rather than speed, unlike 4G. It focuses on allowing a higher number of mobile broadband users per unit area and allowing consumption of high/ unlimited data quantities in gigabyte per month and user.

    The ‘Organizational Partners’ of the 3GPP cellular standards group have approved the new logo of 5G along with the name. The technology has, undoubtedly, set a new standard of wireless technology. 

    The 5g technology is expected to be ready by late 2018. The final specifications for the new 5G technology, though, are yet to be finalized. And the Phase 2 of the technology is set to be completed by 2020.

    On a daily basis, a large number of companies have been preparing to invest and release devices to adapt to the 5G technology. The researches and developments on 5G have also been aiming at an improved Device-to-Device communication, lower cost, lower battery consumption. All these aspects are being considered for the better implementation of Internet of Things (IoT). The basic vision behind IoT is to create and manage an interconnected network of physical objects that interact with people, systems that are focused on benefiting the society in unprecedented ways.

    What more can we expect from this technology? Obviously, we have a lot more to look forward to on seeing into different sides of this. But for now, let’s focus on the brighter side and hope to see technology working its magic again.