7 Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Nepal

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Galaxy S7 edge has been crowned as the number one smartphone of 2016 or at least for the time being. S7 Edge manages a very precise balance between aesthetic and performance. It has now a lot of improvements compared to edge models of last year; especially the size. Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were launched in Nepal last week, despite being a great phone many people might have their doubts about why they should buy this phone. Samsung has already announced that it is now available for customers to wanting to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 in Nepali Market.

Seven reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

1. The Edge Display:

Believe it or not, the edge display on a phone is one of the most pleasing things you can see today. While using the device it gives you a kind of immersive experience where icons and other stuff just flows through the edges of the display giving a really natural vibe to it. It is also really helpful to launch to quick contacts, quick settings, and other important apps without bothering to turn on the actual display of the phone.

samsung galaxy s7

2. Super AMOLED Screen:

Galaxy S7 Edge now sports a rather bigger display of 5.5-inch (1440 x 2560) with the pixel density of 534ppi, which is way more than our eyes can tell. Samsung has a streak of making the best displays on their flagship phone and the AMOLED display on the S7 Edge is no different. The viewing angles are great, colors are really sharp, outdoor visibility is good as well, also the VR experience using this phone is really awesome.

samsung galaxy s7 (4)

3. Water Resistant:

S7 Edge is now IP68 dust and water resistance which makes it one of the sturdiest flagship phone. Not to mention its glass and metal body provides additional protection. We have seen the phone withstand underwater for a really long time without any issues. It’s a great addition if you’re used to handling your phone roughly. For people looking for water resistant high-end smartphones, it can be a good recommendation to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or even the Edge Variant.

S7 -edge- water

4. Camera

The camera of both the S7 and S7 edge has been titled as the best camera on any smartphone. It has one of the fastest and most accurate camera sensors and with f1.7 aperture S7 edge can capture good quality pictures even in low light. Also, the larger pixels of 12MP rear camera captures a lot of details. S7 Edge also has one of the fastest autofocus seen on any smartphone. It is also capable of shooting 4K videos with optical image stabilization. Double-tap on the home button to launch the camera app is a very neat feature which makes taking pictures instantly a joy. Talking about the Front Facing camera, the 5MP camera also has f1.7 aperture along with wide angle lens where you can fit a lot of objects or people to the canvas and does an excellent job of capturing high details like the rear camera.


5. Expandable Storage:

S7 Edge brings back the Micro SD support which is a huge deal as many of the users have complained about storage on the previous galaxy flagships. Now you have the support of expandable storage up to 200GB where you can store a lot of high-quality pictures and videos taken from the stunning camera. Also, since the internal storage has some room to breathe, you’ll see some slight improvement in the performance as well.


6. Battery Life and Wireless Fast Charging:

One of the best reason for me to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Edge Variant would be the Battery Life and its charging system. Battery life has always been an issue with a flagship phone as the phone has to handle powerful processors and background apps for fluid user experience. S7 Edge now comes with a bigger battery than before and also few added optimizations on TouchWiz which provides plenty of screens ON time for a normal user. And even if you manage to drain all of the 3600mAh battery with heavy usage, you have the option to fast charge your phone with either standard charger or a wireless charger with Quick Charge 2.0 which charges your phone from 0 to 60% at mere 30mins.


7. Lighter TouchWiz:

TouchWiz has been one of the most resource hogging UI of all time, there were always a lot of unnecessary apps and services running in the background which made the phone sluggish and battery life inefficient. TouchWiz now has a facelift where a lot of unnecessary services has been removed which has significantly improved the overall performance, multitasking and battery life of the phone. But we still have few helpful options like the Always ON Display, Multi Screen, SHealth, Theme Store etc. TouchWiz is now lighter in terms of both looks and weight making the device a pleasure to use.

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