A belt that charges smartphone

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    Technology has become so advanced today that the things you were not even imagining yesterday are already in the market today for sell. So many things happen to be discovered day by day. Even a person can be unaware of the gadgets that his neighbor is using for months.

    Technology has made life so easy that you don’t have to worry about simple things. Yes, there are some complications but again it brings a solution for them. For example, smartphones were introduced and made life so much easy and luxurious. But it can’t solve the problem of battery life. Then power banks were introduced which ended your worry of searching electricity to charge your phone. But still, as the power banks being bulky and heavy to handle, batteries have now started to come in human wearables.

    Nifty, a UK-based company has introduced a belt which can charge your smartphone. Yes, a belt that charges a smartphone. Actually not an only smartphone, but every phone that can be charged through USB. The company named the belt as ‘Xoo Belt’ and the design is done by collaborating with a fashion company Casley Hayford.


    The belt is a solution for everyday problem of people – the battery of mobile phone. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t look like a battery hanging around your waist. Rather it looks stylish and comfortable to wear, same as a normal belt and also easy to charge phones. There are two types of battery attached to the belt, one is a simple battery fitted inside the 3D-printed buckle and another one is inside the strap. The battery inside the strap is a new breed of Lithium Ceramic Polymer battery and is so flexible that it can easily be bent in any direction as the leather of the strap. Another specialty of this battery is that it can be cut in any length and still works, which is a good news for skinny people. Being water-resistant and ultra-safe to use, this belt is expected to hit the world market. The total capacity of battery is 2100mAh, which is enough to full charge a smartphone.


    The charging method is so cool that you can charge the belt in the same manner you charge your phone every day – just plug the USB into your computer or any phone charger and that’s it. The full charge can be done in just 3 hours. Charging your phone from it is even cooler. It comes with a USB cable inside it attached along with the belt with a magnet, your work is just to pull down the cable whenever you need and connect your phone and your phone starts to charge. Move the cable around your waist as your comfort and put the phone inside the pocket. Put the cable back to its position after you finish charging. In a nutshell, this belt has made our life so easy that you don’t have to worry about remembering any additional chargers, the only thing you need to remember is to charge the belt after it discharges and yes, don’t forget to wear it as you leave your home.

    You will get a little worry when it comes to the price. It comes with different color and design where price ranges from $149 to $199 and is currently not available in Nepal. But, it is just a matter of time and patience when a Chinese company makes a prototype of it and introduces in Nepal at really cheap price.