Air Conditioner (AC) Price in Nepal 2024 [Updated]

AC Price in Nepal
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An Air Conditioner or AC — also called the “Air Con” — is a device or system that regulates the temperature of a room or a living space as per your need. It can heat or cool the room as required and is ideal for all kinds of weather. Given its versatile nature, it is quite a popular and in-demand appliance. ACs are a sought-after device with ascending living standards of the public and an ever-growing number of businesses, even in the case of Nepal. Hence, it is only natural that you are looking for an AC, and here is a one-stop price list for the available ones in Nepal.

AC Price in Nepal 2024 [Updated]

CG AC Price in Nepal

CG is one of the most well-renowned brands in the Nepali market. Initially, a consumer electronic division of the CG Corp, it established itself as an independent electronic brand in 2006. CG offers a wide range of products in Nepal, including Air Conditioners whose prices are listed below:

CG AC Model Price in Nepal
CG12HPC04 NPR 66,890 NPR 56,890
CGM12CH04 NPR 83,990 NPR 71,390
CG18HPC04 NPR 91,890 NPR 78,190
CG18HP0102CE NPR 107,990 NPR 91,790
CGM18CH04 NPR 116,590 NPR 99,190
CG24HPC04 NPR 118,990 NPR 101,190
CG18CC02 NPR 140,290 NPR 119,290
CG24HP0102CE NPR 140,490 NPR 119,490
CG36FSAC02 NPR 209,990 NPR 178,490
CG36CC02 NPR 248,590 NPR 211,390
CG48CC02 NPR 280,590 NPR 238,590

Haier AC Price in Nepal

Another popular brand of ACs available in Nepal is from Haier. This company has formally been in the consumer electronics market since 1984. However, its roots can be traced all the way back to the 1920s. Anyway, Neoteric is the authorised distributor of Haier in Nepal. As of now, there are four Haier ACs available in Nepal and their price are as follows:

Haier AC Model Price in Nepal
AS12TB3HAA/1U120R4EAA NPR 69,900
AS18TD4HAA/1U18BR1EAA NPR 99,000
AS24TD3HAA/1U24RF3EAA NPR 127,500
NPR 129,000

Hisense AC Price in Nepal

Next up, we have yet again another Chinese company. Hisense is a pretty popular choice in cooling technology such as refrigeration, and well, air conditioning. The company was founded nearly three decades ago in 1994. Navin Distributors Pvt. Ltd. oversee the distribution of Hisense products including ACs in Nepal. Following are the Hisense AC price in Nepal:

Hisense AC Model Price in Nepal
AS-12HR4SYRKA01 NPR 51,990
AS-12HR4SVDTQ NPR 52,900
AS-12UR4RYRKB02 NPR 65,999
AS-18UR4RMSKB00 NPR 86,999
AS-24HR4RBTKA01 NPR 98,990
AS-24HR4SXBDC01 NPR 102,490
AS-24UR4EBTKB00 NPR 109,990

Hyundai Electronics AC Price in Nepal

Hyundai Electronics hails from South Korea and is a part of the same umbrella as the Hyundai automobiles. In the meantime, you can get Hyundai Electronics AC in Nepal from the popular e-commerce platform — Daraz.

Hyundai AC Model Price in Nepal
HYCFB-12GRKN1 NPR 71,600 NPR 55,800
HYC11B-12DBFN1 NPR 91,600 NPR 71,400
HYCFC-18GRKN1 NPR 101,100 NPR 77,483
NPR 122,800 NPR 96,105
HYC11C-18DBDN1 NPR 127,100 NPR 97,411
HYCFC-24GRKN NPR 130,400 NPR 101,633
HYCC-18GRN1 NPR 142,000 NPR 111,136
HYC11D-24DBDN1  NPR 165,600 NPR 129,084
HYCC-24GRN1 NPR 180,750 NPR 141,450
HYCC-18GRN2 NPR 195,600 NPR 155,528
HYCC-24GRN2 NPR 209,200 NPR 166,328
HYCFSGA-24GRN1 NPR 217,400 NPR 172,886
HYCC-36GRN1 NPR 265,650 NPR 207,870
HYCC-48GRN1 NPR 290,800 NPR 227,550
HYCJ-48GARN1 NPR 311,200 NPR 247,500

Konka AC Price in Nepal

Next up is Konka — a Chinese electronics manufacturer specialising in home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, and well ACs. The company was founded in mid-1980 and has been going strong since. Saurabh Photo International is the sole authorised distributor of Konka products in Nepal. They have set Konka AC price in Nepal as:

Konka AC Model Price in Nepal
KAC 12GHA-P103 NPR 71,500 NPR 52,000
KAC 18GCA-100 NPR 120,990 NPR 92,000
KAC 18GHA-PS101 NPR 95,690
KAC 24GHA-PS101 NPR 103,730
KCOU-18HR1 NPR 155,990 NPR 115,000
KCOU-24HR1 NPR 194,990 NPR 135,000

LG AC Price in Nepal

Lucky Goldstar — better known as LG — is one of the largest consumer electronics brands hailing from South Korea. In the context of Nepal, CG Electronics has overseen everything related to LG since 1988. Back then, LG was known as “Goldstar” only and CG assembled their colour TVs here in Nepal. Now they distribute all their offerings including ACs — for which the price in Nepal has been set at:

Hyundai AC Model Price in Nepal
S3-W12JA3DA NPR 117,290 NPR 99,690
S3-W18KL3VA.AL6BEXP NPR 149,790 NPR 127,390
S3-W18KL3DA NPR 159,990 NPR 135,990
S3-W24K23VB NPR 190,590 NPR 162,090

Midea AC Price in Nepal

Midea proudly announces itself as the “No. 1 AC Brand in Nepal” while also claiming to have the highest sales volume. Though CG Electronics is an official distributor of the Chinese brand, S. Sahara Trade Service Pvt. Ltd solely handles the AC side of things. Additionally, the company has received a fair share of accolades from Midea itself for their performance in the Nepali market. Unsurprisingly, Midea also offers the widest number of air conditioners in Nepal.

Midea AC Models Price in Nepal
MSAGA-09HRN1 NPR 56,000 NPR 50,390
MSAGB-12HRN1 NPR 58,000 NPR 52,190
MSCB1BU-12HRFN8 NPR 82,000 NPR 73,799
MSAGC-18HRN1 NPR 85,000 NPR 76,490
MSFAAU-12HRFN8 NPR 100,000 NPR 86,990
MCA-12HRN1 NPR 98,000 NPR 88,190
MSAGC-18HRFN8 NPR 100,000 NPR 89,999
MSXTBU-12HRFN8 NPR 100,000 NPR 90,000
MSAGD-24HRN1 NPR 108,000 NPR 97,190
MCA-18HRN1 NPR 112,000 NPR 100,790
MSCB1CU-18HRFN8 NPR 113,000 NPR 101,699
MTI-12HWFN1 NPR 115,000 NPR 102,990
MSXTBU-18HRFN8 NPR 125,000 NPR 112,500
MSAGDU-24HRFN8 NPR 130,000 NPR 116,999
MCA-12HRFN1 NPR 132,000 NPR 117,990
MCD-24HRN1 NPR 148,000 NPR 133,190
MTI-18HWFN1 NPR 155,000 NPR 138,990
MCA-18HRFN1 NPR 162,000 NPR 144,990
MFPA400-24HRN1 NPR 180,000 NPR 161,990
MCD-24HRDN1 NPR 180,000 NPR 161,990
MTI-24HWFN1 NPR 185,000 NPR 165,990
MFYA400-24ARFN1 NPR 205,000 NPR 184,500
MCD-36HRN1 NPR 225,000 NPR 201,990
MCD-48HRN1 NPR 250,000 NPR 224,990
MFGA-48HRN1 NPR 260,000 NPR 233,990
MCD-48HRDN1 NPR 295,000 NPR 264,990

Palsonic AC Price in Nepal

Though it may sound like a knock-off brand of Panasonic — Palsonic has its own identity. It is an Australian company and the only non-Asian company we have listed here. Furthermore, it received an award for “Nepal’s Best Brand” in 2019. In the meantime, A.G.R Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the sole distributor of Palsonic in Nepal and has set the price for its air conditioners as follows:

Palsonic AC Model Price in Nepal
PLC 12000BTU ANGLE 169 NPR 53,500
PLC-12IN NPR 65,000
PLC 18000BTU ANGLE 169 NPR 74,500
PLC-18IN NPR 85,000
[Note: You can get a Palsonic Air Conditioner from other vendors in a discounted prices]

Panasonic AC Price in Nepal

Now, we have the real deal Panasonic. It is a Japanese company and the most popular air conditioner brand in the “Land of Rising Sun”. Meanwhile, the Triveni Group looks over everything Panasonic in Nepal. At this time, there are four Panasonic ACs available in the Nepali market and their price are as:

Panasonic AC Model Price in Nepal
CS/CU-KZ18YKY NPR 131,797 NPR 118,615
CS/CU-KZ24YKY-8 NPR 157,590 NPR 140,999
CS/CU-KZ24ZKYW-8 NPR 163,999 NPR 146,999
NPR 226,144 NPR 199,000

Samsung AC Price in Nepal

This South Korean brand needs barely any introduction, as it is one of the most popular consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. Golchha Group — one of the largest business houses in Nepal — manages the brand in Nepal through Samsung Plaza. Here are all the available Samsung ACs in Nepal and their prices:

Samsung AC Model Price in Nepal

TCL AC Price in Nepal

TCL is yet another Chinese brand of electronic consumer goods, handled by CG Electronics in Nepal. The Nepali business conglomerate introduced the partially state-owned Chinese brand in 2012 and offers the likes of sound systems, fridges, televisions, and more including air conditioners. The TCL AC prices in Nepal are set as follows:

TCL AC Model Price in Nepal
TAC18CHSA/XAA1 NPR 93,790 NPR 79,690
TAC24CHSAI/XAB1 NPR 139,790 NPR 118,790
TCC-18CHRA/U(01) NPR 142,590 NPR 121,190
TCC-24CHRA/U(01) NPR 183,290 NPR 155,790
TCC-48CHRA/U3(04) NPR 299,000 NPR 254,990

The above-mentioned are some of the popular brands of AC available in Nepal. Also, the prices exclude the installation charges. Hence, do not forget to factor that into your budget.

Other than the price, here are some more things to consider when buying an AC in Nepal:

  1. Cooling capacity
  2. Running cost and efficiency
  3. Air Conditioner type
  4. Other features like air purification, self-cleaning, WiFi connectivity, etc.
  5. Warranty and after-sales service
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