Adidas enters the Nepali market with a collection of sports earbuds and headphones

Adidas Audio Accessories Price in Nepal TWS earbuds Headphones
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Adidas comes from sports-related products. Beyond sports, they offer a range of products designed to enhance the active lifestyle experience through audio accessories. Excitingly, these audio products from Adidas are now officially available in Nepal from this time around. So in this article, we will closely examine the specifications, features, availability, and official price of all the Adidas audio accessories in Nepal.

Adidas Audio Accessories: Overview

Adidas began working in the audio accessories market in recent years. The exact timeline of Adidas’ entry into the audio accessories industry can be traced back to 2019 in collaboration with Zound Industries (now Marshall Group). However, the collaboration between the two was made official a year earlier. They working combinedly in delivering the audio accessories under the Adidas Headphones branding to the market at present. The company always pays special attention to the design of its audio accessories, ensuring they retain the brand’s reputation.

Adidas Audio Accessories Price in Nepal:

SN  Adidas audio accessories Price in Nepal (Official) 
TWS Earbuds
1 Adidas Z.N.E 01 Rs. 14,500
2 Adidas Z.N.E 01 ANC Rs. 21,500
3 Adidas FWD-02 Rs. 24,000
4 Adidas RPT-01 Rs. 24,000
5 Adidas RPT-02 SOL Rs. 32,000

Adidas TWS Earbuds

Adidas Z.N.E 01

The Adidas Z.N.E 01 is a lightweight and compact audio accessory with impressive sound quality and active noise cancellation. Also, it offers 4-5 hours of playtime (with ANC) and 20 hours including the charge provided by case. With an IPX4 rating, touch controls, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, it’s designed for active lifestyles.


  • Weight: 4gm (earbuds) / 40gm (case)
  • Driver: 12mm Dynamic driver with 32Ω impedance
  • Battery: 4-5 hours (earbuds with ANC) / 20 hours (incl. case with ANC)
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours (15 min charge ~1-hour playtime)
  • IP Rating: IPX4 (Earbuds) / IPX3 (Case)
  • Controls: Touch gestures
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Price in Nepal: NPR 14,500

Adidas Z.N.E 01 ANC

The Adidas Z.N.E 01 ANC earbuds offer Active Noise Canceling and an Awareness mode, allowing users to switch between blocking out external noise or being aware of their surroundings. Also, they are sweat-proof and water-resistant with an IPX5(earbuds) and IPX4(case) rating. With 4.5 hours of playtime per charge with ANC and an additional approximately 20 hours of on-the-go charging, they offer ample battery life. The earbuds also have an eco-charging mode available through the Adidas Headphones app, optimizing battery usage.


  • Weight: 4.2gm (earbuds) / 37gm (case)
  • Driver: 6mm Dynamic driver with 16Ω impedance
  • Battery: 4.5 hours (earbuds with ANC) / 20 hours (incl. case with ANC)
  • Charging time: 3 hours (15 min charge ~1-hour playtime)
  • IP Rating: IPX5 (earbuds)/ IPX4 (case)
  • Controls: Touch gestures
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Price in Nepal: NPR 21,500

Adidas FWD-02 Sport 

The Adidas FWD-02 Sport earbuds have a comfortable fit with extra tips and wings. They are sweat-proof, water-resistant, and feature touch controls. The compact charging case allows for on-the-go charging, and they offer 6 hours of playtime per charge. Additionally, it offers an awareness mode that lets in some of the ambient noise to give awareness of the surrounding.


  • Weight: 5.25g (earbuds) /44gm (case)
  • Driver: 6mm Dynamic driver
  • Battery: 6 hours (earbuds) / 25 hours (case)
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours from the case (15 minutes ~ 1-hour playtime)
  • IP Rating: IPX5 (earbuds)/ IPX4 (case)
  • Controls: Touch gestures
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Price in Nepal: NPR 24,000

Adidas Headphones

Adidas RPT-01

The Adidas RPT-01 has a comfortable design that stays in place, even during intense movements. These headphones are sweat-proof and water-resistant, making them suitable for workouts with IPX4 ratings. Additionally, they have washable parts for easy cleaning after sweaty sessions. It is not only light but also provides an impressive listening time of up to 40 hours.

  • Weight: 209 gm
  • Battery: up to 40 hours of listening time
  • IP Rating: Yes, IPX4
  • Controls: Knob, Action Button
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Price in Nepal: NPR 24,000

Adidas RPT-02 SOL

The Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones feature self-charging technology powered by light, allowing them to recharge using natural and artificial light sources. Moreover, they offer up to 80 hours of playtime and a sweat-proof design with IPX4. The headphone combines convenience, eco-consciousness, and also high-performance audio in one compact package.


  • Weight: 256gm
  • Driver: 40mm Dynamic driver
  • Battery: 80+ hours of listening time
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • Controls: Action button, Knob
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Color: Night Grey / Solar Yellow
  • Price in Nepal: NPR 32,000

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