AI Expo 2019: Nepal’s first and biggest Expo on Artificial Intelligence

ai expo 2019 nepal
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With the objective to bring all the AI enthusiasts and stakeholders together, Fuse Machines, together with Artificial Intelligence Development, is organizing the country’s first ever AI Expo. The event, AI Expo 2019, is the first of its kind here and will be the biggest expo targeting Artificial Intelligence. The objective is to showcase the best AI projects and papers from both industries and academia.

Exhibiting the tech in one part. But the AI Expo 2019 also aims to bring together industry and academia (professionals and learners) to discuss opportunities and challenges in the industry. This makes it an excellent platform to discuss opportunities and challenges in the industry along with practical and ethical solutions to the challenges.

AI Expo 2019 Event Details

The event is a 3-month long journey (from 24th May to 24th August). So, in a way, it’s already underway. Applications are open and will end June 14th. So, if you have an idea, and can give your idea a feasible form, register now.

ai expo 2019 timeline

After the registration, applicants will be shortlisted on the basis of their ideas/projects. After which, they will go through orientation and mentorship sessions before the event day. Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about AI, its current state, future prospects, challenges, and solutions. Also, they’ll get to establish networks with experts in the industry and get employment prospects, too!

The actual event takes place on 24th August 2019 at Soaltee Crown Plaza.

Who should participate in the AI Expo 2019?

This is an open platform for any and all kinds of AI enthusiasts – be it professionals, or learners, or somewhere in between. So, this is beneficial to AI experts, AI instructors, professionals, freelancers, students, learners, practitioners. Basically, it’s for those who want to explore more of the AI world. 

ai expo 2019 benefits

AI experts and instructors will get a chance to reach out to a large mass of audience, while others will have the opportunity to learn and grow.


However, there are some requirements participants must be able to fulfill:

  • Participating teams must represent an institution (Academic or Company)
  • Teams should have a prototype ready for development or a technically sound and feasible idea that can be developed into a working prototype or a finished product
  • Participants must possess programming skills
  • Research paper on team project must be published in an academic journal

Selection Criteria:

Also, there are some criteria as to how participants will be selected:

  • Only applications submitted in teams will be selected
  • A team should consist of 3 – 5 members; no more, no less
  • Status of project/paper must be disclosed

How to Participate?

Finally, if you fulfill all the requirements and criteria, here’s how you can participate:

You can also participate through their website. The application form deadline is 14th June 2019!