Air Purifying Drone Unveiled at CES 2017

    Air pollution has, undoubtedly, been a hindrance not only to us but to many other nations in the world. Air purifiers are also not new to us. Different tech companies have released air purifiers including Xiaomi. But now, at the Consumer Electronics Show, a flying air purifier has been unveiled.

    Yes, it is true. World’s first flying air purifier has now become a reality. All thanks go to Ataraina designer for revealing the air purifying drone at the 2017 rendition of the CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. Besides the flying air purifier, a shoe insert that purifies feet stinks has also been unveiled at the show.

    The Flying Magic Cleaner is a drone-based system that removes dust, pollen, PM 2.5 and other harmful particles from the air. PM 2.5 refers to the tiny particles in the air that reduce visibility and cause the air to appear hazy when levels are elevated.

    Ataraina also revealed the Deodorant One technology. This is a shoe insert equipped with a radical sheet that can kill bacteria and remove feet odor.

    As told to the Dailymail, the fabric that covers the drone has minus ions, and therefore, when it flies, it attracts pollutants and particles flying in the air. The drone generates an airflow as it flies, collecting particles that a vacuum would miss, the creators explained. Besides being able to clean houses, the devices is said to be usable in larger settings. The device, however, requires remote control instructions from humans and has no artificial intelligence embedded to prevent crashes and accidents.

    The Deodorant One uses an ozone technology to kill germs. That is to say that it produces radicals, active oxygen, to eliminate nasty smells. It takes roughly an hour to disinfect the shoe and remove the odor– even for smells that are extremely potent.