Researchers: AirPods might be emitting harmful radiowaves

    Researchers say that AirPods could harm the human health by wearing down the blood-brain barrier -barrier that helps in keeping out harmful chemical toxins from our body.

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    Apple released the sleek designed AirPods- in an event held in San Francisco.

    But the AirPods have started come under controversy, and it is not because you can lose them just by looking at them. Public health experts have warned that these wireless earpods could be life threatening.

    AirPods use bluetooth technology for its functioning.
    AirPods use Bluetooth technology for their functioning.

    AirPods are sleek looking; water resistant wireless device and they can perform multiple functions. The wireless device uses Bluetooth technology. It houses a W1 wireless chip inside to powers the device. The chip is the main reason why the AirPods can perform such functions. But when in use, they emit non-ionizing radiation or low-intensity radio waves. Research shows that these radio waves are capable of wearing down the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier in our body helps in keeping out chemical toxins that are harmful to our body.

    The Federal Communications Commission or FCC is an independent agency that regulates sectors related to communication in the United States of America. This organization has set certain guidelines related to the level of radio waves emission.  Apple has insisted that it has followed the guidelines since it uses Bluetooth in the AirPods. However, they have not released the exact frequency of the Airpod Bluetooth emission.

    Talking with Daily Mail, Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, said,

    ‘We are playing with fire here. You are putting a microwave-emitting device next to your brain.’

    Researchers have long been warning about the radiations resulting from exposures to cell phone, and this news is just as concerning. While the AirPods are an amazing piece of technology, they can be detrimental to public health. Therefore, until Apple tells us about the exact frequency of the Airpods Bluetooth emission, it is safer to not use the device for a time being.