Alibaba Launches Cloud Services in Nepal via Telenet

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    While Information Technology is developing at quite a pace, various IT services and companies are growing in Nepal too. Businesses are expanding online and cloud services are gaining momentum. But, it is always a hassle for small and medium businesses to find the right hosting services for them. At such a time, Ali Cloud, or Alibaba Cloud is now in Nepal.

    Telenet Pvt. Ltd. is the body behind bringing the international cloud computing service provider to Nepal. This should benefit all kinds of businesses looking for good, secure, reliable and affordable cloud services. Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, the world’s largest online retailer. And while AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the leading web service provider, Alibaba Cloud goes head to head with AWS and other top web service providers like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

    Ali Cloud is a good option for any business looking for a new alternative web service platform. It offers quite a lot of services, with more instance families. Meaning, you are able to choose from a wide number of options or set of customized services suitable for your businesses. So, you can just the right kind of specifications, hardware, software and network technologies from entry-level businesses to enterprise level businesses.

    Ali Cloud offers Elastic Computing, Database Services, Storage and CDN, Networking, Advance Security, etc. in addition to Web Hosting Services. Plus, they also provide Analytics and Big Data services to companies looking for one. Yes, these services are on many other Web service providers, too, but Ali Cloud claims more affordable options and a wider variety.

    As you can see, Ali Cloud offers similar amount and quality of services like the world’s leading web service providers. And their pricing is said to be more affordable, which makes for a better value. And now, with Ali Cloud landing in Nepal, you can also acquire their services very easily. Ali Cloud’s advanced services combined with Telenet’s local expertise can give users the optimum benefits. The prices in Nepal will be very similar to what you’d pay on the international platform, according to Telenet. Plus, you don’t have to go through the trouble of using international payment gateways for an international cloud service.

    So, if you’re looking for a new web service platform, or trying to switch to a better cloud computing service, you have one more good alternative. If you want to subscribe to the service, you can do so through Telenet.