All you need to Know about USB Type-C

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    With apple launching the new MacBook Retina Display, people praised the product for its built and the way it looks. But critics began to underlook the product because of its single USB port. This port was named as USB Type-C (USB 3.1) and this single port is used for both data transfer via USB and charging as well. This somehow created an outrage among the users because of the inconvenience of a single port. But recently Google announced that all of its future products will be equipped with USB Type-C and its going to transform the gadgets as we know them. So do you see USB Type- C as the future of USB?

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    Let us see the key features of the USB Type-C:
    -It’s reversible, so you can plug it in either way. So no more mistakes while inserting the charger inside the USB port.
    -It can transfer data at up to 10 Gbps which is twice faster than our normal USB Type-B.
    -It can deliver bi-directional power. It can be used to charge a host device, or it can allow the host device to charge a peripheral.
    -It can supply a lot of power in both direction. It can deliver power at up to 100 watts at 20 volts in both direction, which means your laptop will get charged faster as well as your smartphone while charging via the USB Type C port.
    -It can also deliver data and power simultaneously.
    -It will also be able to deliver audio and video signals via DisplayPort technology.
    -You can use it with the old ports that are already all around you (if you get an adapter).
    -It’s tiny, so it’ll help the devices get thinner and lighter.