Allocacoc Hosts Bloggers Meet in Nepal; Launches New Products

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    Allocacoc, a household tech company that promises to replace your poorly designed multi plugs and power outlets, has successfully conducted their first Bloggers Meet. The company showcased their existing Allocacoc products and launched 3 new products: Audiocube, PowerUSB Hub, and PowerUSB hub portable.

    The Audiocube is a Bluetooth speaker priced at Rs. 7,500. As the name suggest, the Audiocube is cubical in shape and although it’s not quite as portable as one would expect, but it feels well-made and has some heft to it, weighing around 1330gms. You can check out our full review here:

    The PowerUSB Hub Portable is a portable rectangular shaped device with 5000 mAh Powerpack that can charge 4 devices via USB port. It can also be used as a Hub to extend your USB ports. The PowerUSB Hub, on the other hand, lacks the powerpack and offers 4 USB port for charging and data syncing. The PowerUSB Hub Portable is priced at Rs. 2590 and the PowerUSB Hub is priced at Rs. 1,350.

    The company also shared their plans for the upcoming CAN CommTech (Starting from tomorrow at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu). Sammy Traders Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of Allocacoc in Nepal, is representing Allocacoc in their first ever offline promotion campaign at CAN CommTech. The company has been selling its products in Sasto Deal, Kaymu, and Nepal Construction Mart. Outside Kathmandu Valley, you can easily find its products in Butwal and it is planning to launch products in Chitwan, Pokhara, and Dharan. Moving on to the upcoming CAN CommTech, they are offering a heavy discount on their products with free goodies and combo deals. Let’s summarize the price discount here:

    S.N. Product Name MRP (Rs.) CAN Offer (Rs.)
    1. Power USB cable 490 350
    2. Powercube Original 690 550
    3. Powercube Original USB 1190 1000
    4. Powercube Original Remote Single 1290 1000
    5. Powercube Original Remote Set 1790 1500
    6. Powercube Extended 890 750
    7. Powercube Extended USB 1290 Stock out
    8. Powercube Extended Remote Single 1490 1350
    9. Powercube Extended Remote Set 2490 2450 + Powercube Original Free
    10. Powercube Rewirable USB (type UK) 1590 1500  + USB cable free
    11. Powerbar USB 1290 1250 + USB cable Free
    12. Powercube Rewirable (type UK) 1290 1000
    13. Audiocube |Portable| 7500 6900 + Powercube Original Free
    14. Audicoube |Portable| Timber Wood 9500 8500 + Powercube Original USB Free
    15. Power USB HUB 1350 1450 + USB cable (Combo Offer)
    16. Power USB HUB Portable  2490 2590 + USB cable (Combo Offer)

    *Discount is only valid for CAN CommTech .

    For further details, you can contact Sammy Traders Pvt. Ltd.