AMD Launches their new Ryzen 1000 series Processors to Compete with Intel

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    AMD has launched their latest Ryzen 7 Processors at an event in San Francisco. The all new Ryzen 1800X, 1700X, and 1700 sports a whopping 8 cores and 16 threads. These AMD processors are destined to fight back to Intel’s 6800K, 6900K, and 7700K.

    In the past few years, Intel has been dominating the high-end processors and the AMD processors have been limited to the low-end and budget processors. But, this could all change with the Ryzen 7 processors. The Ryzen 1800X is the most powerful of all and is priced at $499. It’s an octa-core processor with 16 threads and clock base frequency of 3.6Ghz with turbo boost up to 4Ghz. In the Cinebench test, the Ryzen 1800X outperforms the $1000 Intel 6900K by 9%. This makes the Ryzen 1800X the fastest desktop processor in the market today.

    The downgraded Ryzen 1700X is priced at $399 and is also an octa-core processor with 16 threads. However, its clock base is slightly lower at 3.4Ghz with a turbo boost of 3.8Ghz. The cheapest variant, the Ryzen 1700 sells at $329 also comes with 8 cores and 16 threads with base and boost clock speed of 3.0Ghz and 3.7Ghz respectively.

    The Ryzen 1700 is allegedly 46% faster than its Intel counterpart i7-7700K that retails at $350. The Ryzen 1800X and 1700X has a 95Watts of TDP, while the Ryzen 1700 has 65 watts.

    The Ryzen 7 Portfolio will be available worldwide starting from March 2, 2017. Preorder starts from today (Feb 22, 2017) from 186 retailers and boutique OEMs.