Google may finally enable Battery Health feature on Android 14

Battery Health Feature on Android 14
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For iOS users like myself, the battery health feature is one of the essential features to monitor the quality of our batteries. It helps determine how much longer our devices can survive before needing a battery replacement. Excitingly, Android is now probably adopting a battery health feature similar to iOS.

Battery Health in Android

Android is likely to adopt the highly appreciated battery health feature. Google has made the new BatteryManager APIs to provide Android users with information regarding their phone’s battery. This information ranges from initial capacity to charge cycles, manufacturing date to battery health status.

This allows apps to report a variety of battery health statistics which is one of the remarkable improvements in the BatteryManager APIs in Android 14. To mention, Cycle count, charging status, production date, date of first use, charging policy, and overall battery health are now included in these APIs.

Unlocking battery insights

Mishaal Rahman, an Android expert revealed that there is an addition to Google’s new capabilities to the new BatteryManager APIs in Android 14. These include means to access and analyze battery health statistics on their Android 14 devices. However, it’s important to note that the accuracy of the data presented by Batt relies on the capabilities of the charging IC (integrated chip) and HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). Also, it may vary between different smartphones and tablets.

Implications for Users and Market Dynamics

The addition of the battery health feature in Android 14 is a major improvement step in addressing a long-term desire from Android users. It offers a thorough understanding of battery health that provides users with the necessary knowledge to measure their device’s battery performance precisely. Moreover, it provides valuable insights for those considering the purchase of a used smartphone, as battery health plays an important role in the overall device experience. The introduction of this feature could potentially bring Android closer to iOS in terms of battery management and increase user satisfaction.

Finally, users can take advantage of a full battery health feature, thanks to the new Android 14. They can receive valuable insights into their device’s battery efficiency by using apps like Batt. Such apps provide data on cycle count, manufacturing date, and general battery health. Surprisingly, this new feature fills a noticeable gap in Android’s use. It has the potential to improve user satisfaction by bringing Android smartphones closer to their iOS substitutions.

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