Apple AirPods with camera to enter mass production in 2026!

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Apple is renowned for its innovative products, and its latest rumoured venture is no exception. Reports have surfaced about the company developing AirPods with an in-built camera. Intrigued? So are we! In this article, we’ll dive into everything we know so far about this exciting development.

Apple AirPods with camera rumours

Something different is happening!

Apple AirPods, first introduced with the iPhone 7 series in 2016, remain the most popular wireless earphones globally. The latest AirPods have seen minimal changes in form factor since their inception. The buds have remained almost unchanged while the case has seen some added features like a built-in speaker and Find My integration. This feature allows you to locate your AirPods more easily by playing a noise from the case using your iPhone.

Integrating an IR blaster

In February, analyst Mark Gurman of Bloomberg noted that Apple is exploring new stuff in the wearable space including a fitness ring, smart glasses, and AirPods with cameras. And now a new report backs it up saying the latter is set to debut in 2026.

As per KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it is confirmed that mass production of Apple Airpods with IR Blaster will start in the latter half of 2026. These earbuds will ship with new features that will also be compatible with Apple Vision Pro and its iterations. According to Kuo, Foxconn will begin mass production of IR camera-equipped AirPods in 2026 with a target of approximately 18-20 million units, or 10 million pairs of AirPods.

Possible features?

This will enhance the user-device interaction and strengthen Spatial Audio features with new advancements in the AirPods lineup. We have seen similar IR hardware in iPhones and iPads where it is used for secure face authentication.

The integrated camera would detect environmental changes, enabling in-air gesture control to further enhance human-device interaction. This advancement could also allow users to control their devices with hand movements, adding a new layer of convenience.

Besides that, there are also rumours of an integrated screen for playback controls and notifications but that’s also on the fence.

Apple AirPods with camera: Conclusion

So, it looks like Apple is about to bring something different to the table this time in the case of AirPods. The focus seems to be on the integration of new functionalities rather than complete hardware redesign. And while the feature made a lot of sense for iPhones and iPads, we are not sure how well or impactful it’ll be on a product like AirPods. That being said, we believe that it could add to an even more seamless user experience and added functionality, especially for users who prefer a hands-free interaction with their buds.

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