Apple set to introduce fourth-generation AirPods with notable changes

airpods 4 rumors
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Apple is gearing up to unveil the fourth-generation AirPods in the coming months, promising a series of noteworthy updates. In this article, let us dive into discussing rumors on Apple AirPods 4, including its design and specs in more detail.

Apple AirPods 4: Rumors Roundup

Two Versions Catering to Different Needs

According to the latest reports, the upcoming AirPods 4 will break ground by offering two distinct versions. One version will target the entry-level market, providing a budget-friendly option for users. While the other version will cater to those seeking more advanced features. This move is designed to simplify the product line and enhance clarity for consumers.

What difference will these models have? 

Similarly, Apple will only sell the 4th Gen models and discontinue AirPods 2 and Airpods 3. This decision is seen as a strategic move to alleviate confusion among users. Presently, customers face challenges distinguishing between AirPods 3 and AirPods 2 due to subtle feature differences. With the upcoming release, Apple aims to offer a more straightforward choice for consumers.

Airpods 4

Details regarding the specific differences between the cheaper and more expensive versions of AirPods 4 remain elusive. While the premium version is expected to include features like active noise cancellation, a capability exclusive to the AirPods Pro, the exact distinctions are yet to be clarified. This leaves room for speculation about the unique attributes each version will bring.

Design and Case

One commonality between both AirPods 4 versions is a refreshed design. The upcoming headphones will seamlessly blend elements from the current models and the Pro series, promising a modern and cohesive aesthetic.

In addition to design updates, AirPods 4 will come with a revamped case featuring a USB-C port. This shift aligns with Apple’s ongoing efforts to standardize charging ports across its product lineup and end of lightning.

Apple AirPods 4 Rumors: Price and Availability

While these details offer a glimpse into what to expect, the complete picture of AirPods 4 features is yet to emerge. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg had previously mentioned that the new versions of the AirPods will be “priced similarly” but they will be “more differentiated” to avoid buying confusion.

And since Apple generally talks about the AirPods during their September event, we expect the same to be true for the upcoming models. You can expect the AirPods 4 to be launched in September 2024.

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