AppleCare Protection Price in Nepal

apple care protection price nepal
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Are you planning on getting an AppleCare protection plan for your Apple devices? Confused about what it covers and what it doesn’t? Or maybe about the extent of the coverage? In this article, let us dive into discussing the AppleCare protection plan, its price in Nepal, and more.

AppleCare In Nepal Overview

Although AppleCare is supposed to span a wide range of Apple devices, it only covers Macs in Nepal (as of today). iPhones do come with a free one-year breakage insurance but you can’t purchase the Care or Care+ plan for them.

What is the AppleCare Protection Plan?

Starting off with the basics, AppleCare is an insurance policy that covers repairs or replacement of your Apple device (Apple Watch, HomePod, iPad including Apple Pencil, iPhone, Mac, and iPods) in the event of accidental damage or battery depletion. Moreover, there’s also the added benefit of getting priority access to Apple’s technical support.  

Applecare protection price in Nepal

What is insured in Apple Care & Apple Care+ Protection Plan? 

The AppleCare Protection Plan offered for MacBooks provides a warranty extension of 2 years. This plan does not cover physical or liquid damage but does insure against manufacturing defects and software issues. You might have to pay a small fee though which I’ll talk about later.

Additionally, there is an AppleCare+ option, which not only extends the warranty but also covers physical damage. This plan doesn’t require the fee I talked about earlier. Instead, the minimum service charge is included in AppleCare+. Besides that, it doesn’t cover theft or loss of property.

While AppleCare+ is not directly available in Nepal, it can be purchased through a third party in the US or another foreign country. These services can still be fulfilled in Nepal though, even if the purchase is not made locally.

Apple Care Apple Care+
Covers accidental damage Covers accidental damage
Covers manufacturing defects Covers manufacturing defects
Covers software issues Covers software issues
Doesn’t cover physical and liquid damage Covers physical and liquid damage
Available in Nepal Not directly available in Nepal
No insurance for theft / lost No insurance for theft / lost

              AppleCare Price in Nepal (Summary)

Product Applecare Protection Price in Nepal
Macbook PRO 14-INCH NPR 34,500
Macbook PRO 16-INCH NPR 49,500
Macbook/ Macbook Air/ 13″ Macbook Pro NPR 32,000
Mac Pro NPR 32,000
15″ MacBook Air NPR 40,000
iMAC NPR 22,000

AppleCare Price In Nepal: Conclusion

Apple products are some of the most popular and used products in the world. But they are on the pricey side and are often perceived as a symbol of luxury to many. As such, people don’t want to risk breaking such expensive tech. Hence, why AppleCare has become such an appealing option to many. And although AppleCare is exclusive to Macs right now, it’ll surely roll out to other Apple products in Nepal soon enough.

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