Genxt Nepal expands the number of Apple service centers and retail outlets

apple service center nepal
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Apple is the world’s largest company in terms of market capitalization. Based in California, it is mostly known for its smartphones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), fitness watch (Apple Watch), and laptops (MacBook). You can buy Apple products either via authorized distributors or from grey markets. Buying from authorized sellers implies you get genuine products, however, they are a little expensive. Similarly, buying from the grey market is cheaper, but you can end up buying non-genuine or refurbished products. In this article, we are going to list down the list of authorized sellers and service & repair centres of Apple products in Nepal.

Apple Authorized Distributor in Nepal 

Generation Next Communications (Genxt) is the sole authorized distributor of Apple products in Nepal, which has now expanded the number of service centres and showrooms in the country.

  • Generation Next Communications Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Sherpa Mall, Nepal
  • Tel: 01-4220864/72
  • Email: [email protected]

Where to Buy iPhones in Nepal (Retail Outlets) 

Genxt Nepal, the authorized importer of Apple products in Nepal, distributes iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads they import to multiple resellers across the country. You can buy visit their offline retail stores to buy iPhones, while some of them also have an online presence.

Apple iPhone Retail Outlets Contact
Durbarg Marg,  Kathmandu
Bright Point Trading 9808-412295
Fone Stores 9860-710325 | 9801-200961
Sherisha Mobile Hub 9861-195000
Hukut Online Store 9801-100037
Boudha New Everest Zone
S.S Electronics
Naba Buddha Electronic
Chabahil NS Traders
Nexus Mobile
Friends & Company
Durbarmarg Oliz Store
Jorpati GS Mobile
Samip Mobile
Shee Krishan Electronic
Rhythm Mobile
Gokarna Gokarna Electronics
Kalanki Hope Mobile Hub
Panchakanya Mobile Center
Monika Mobile Pvt. Ltd.
Kantipur Electronic Ghar
Hope Mobile International
Kalimati Dakshinkali Gadget house
Rijalko Mobile Center
Koteshwor New Bharat Traders
Kites Mobile Centre
Star Mobile 2
P.R Traders
Sun Mobile Store
CT Mobile House
Naxal Mobile World Capital
New Baneshwor Prince The Mobile Shop
L.S. Mobile Store
Kalinchowk Mobile Centre
New Road Nokia G-2
Mobile Tron Nepal
Smart Zone Mobile
J.S Mobile
Trendz Mobile
Gadgets House
Ezone Mobile
246 Mobile House
City Top Vision (CTV) Pvt. Ltd.
Merina Mobile
Fourteen-G Mobile
Smart Phone Gallery
Tamrakar Mobile
Senao Mobile Gallery
Seni Electronic
Analogue Mall
Mobile Traders
ONG Traders
RNG Electro
M.Zone Pvt. Ltd.
MCS Mobile Gallery
Techno Mobile
Cell Phone Rescue Center
Infinity Mobile Store
Best Tech Center
Subha Central Mobile
Talk2Me Mobile Showroom
Orange Fair Deal
Excuse Me Electronic
Bhaktapur Mobile House
New Madhyapur Mobile
Electronic World
R.K. Electronic
Unique Mobile
Madhyapur Mobile
The Madhyapur Care
DG Multibrand
I Mobile & Repair
Prasunna Mobile Repair
Unique Mobile Hub
R&D Mobile
SMS Mobile Store
Forego Phonetech
Viren Mobile
Banglamukhi Trade Link
New Universal Mobile
Unique Mobile & Electronic
Electronic World
Rudransh Mobile
Neoteric Nepal
Faone Fashion
Sandip Mobile
7B Phone Zone
IT Choice
Kalika Impex
Get Connected
Mobile Station
World Vision
Kiran Mobile
Himal Mobile
Mero Digitek
Twins Digital
Best Fone
U.S Trade Link
Binod Mobile Hub
Binod Mobile Suppliers
Balaji Mobile Center
Jay Maa Ambe Mobile Center
Shree Ganesh Mobile Center
Sangam Mobile Center
Cellever Trade Concern
Kathmandu Collection
Ganapati Electronics
Shubham Mobile Center
Nepal Times
Suresh Enterprises
Fone Stores
iBerry Store
Siddhababa Infoteck
Cellphone Store
Shree Ganapati Suppliers
Durga Bhagwati Trade Link
I Store
New Sanjivani Mobile & Suppliers
New Divya Mobile & Gallery
Niharika Mobile Shop
Global Mobile Gallery
Navyug Electrical Mobile Gallery
Dinesh Trading House
Bidhata Store
Temple Audio Traders
Anjushree Store
Janta Watch & Mobile Centre
Khushika Mobile
D.R. Mobile
Cyber Zone
New Mobile Zone
Magar Electronics
Gautam Electronics
Unique Mobile Center
Naresh Mobile Center
Shrestha Mobile Arena
A2Z Mobile
Deep Mobile Center
Krishna Gadhi Radio
D.R. Mobile
Namaste Mobile
Avris Mobile
Saraj Mobile
Royal International
Balajee Mobile
Smart Mobicare
Mobi World Traders
SK Mobile
Sujita Mobile
Mark Suppliers
Astha Mobile and Electronics
Deep Mobile House
Pura Mobi Tech
Ranjana Mobile
A2Z Mobile House (Narayanghat / Kawasoti / Tadi)
Kantipur Electronics
R and B Electronics
Royal Karnali Electro Marts
Bageshwori Electronic Plaza
Manakamana Electronics Plaza
Shree Ganesh Store
Gaire Mobile
Namaste Mobile
Surakshya Mobile
Kalika Mobile Center
Jawala Computer Suppliers
Aadhunik Mobile House
Acharya Traders

Apple Authorized Service Centers in Nepal 

If your Apple product in Nepal needs replacement or repair, you can either repair it from Apple Authorised service centres or third-party service centres. We highly advise you to go to the authorized service centre if it’s a major issue like motherboard repair, screen replacement, and water damage. If it’s a minor issue, you can save some money going to third-party retail centres.

Apple Service Centre Name Contact Number Location
Genxt Nepal 01-4220864/ 01-4220872 2nd Floor, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
Opening Soon Kumaripati, Lalitpur
Evo Store 01-‎4212100, ‎01-4229660 Ground Floor, Mercantile Plaza, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Benefits of Buying iPhone in Nepal from Authorised retail Channels:

1. VAT Bill

VAT bill not just certifies the legality of a product, but also ensures that a portion of your payment goes to the government. So, buying from the authorized channel also helps you serve the duty of a good citizen. Having said that, grey Apple products are usually cheaper than from the authorized channels.

2. IMEI Registered

In addition, when the iPhones are brought to Nepal by the authorized distributors, they register the IMEI numbers at Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). Therefore, when you buy an iPhone from an authorized channel, you will be enjoying the privilege of an IMEI-registered phone.

And there are plenty of advantages of registering your smartphone’s IMEI at NTA; one is the ability to claim or track your phone in case you lose it. Furthermore, NTA has also announced the registration of the IMEI number of smartphones as a mandatory criterion. Failing to do so might get your phone blocked.

3. Warranty

When you buy from an authorized retailer, you will be offered one year of warranty (replacement warranty on factory defects and Nepal-authorized warranty on software and hardware). Just keep in mind, this warranty will not cover any sort of physical or water damages.

In addition, there are also chances that the products from unauthorized vendors to be refurbished. So, the greed of little amount of money could engulf you in regrets in the long run.

4. EMI

If you wish to own Apple products but are incapable to pay the price right now, then you will not have to worry. The retailers have an additional service to cope with such difficulties. According to EvoStore, being a credit card holder of NABIL, Global IME, NIBL, Laxmi, Himalayan, or Siddhartha Bank gives you an additional privilege.

If you are a credit card holder of any of the aforementioned banks, you can buy an iPhone with a 12-months EMI plan. You can contact your convenient store for further information and procedure if you find yourself eligible.