Apple is working on a more affordable Vision headset for wider adoption

Apple Vision One rumor
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Recently, Apple launched a handsome mixed-reality headset called Apple Vision Pro at the WWDC event. The price was a bang of $3,599 in the premium category with no intention of mass adoption. To cover the mass audience, Gurman (tech reporter for Bloomberg) pointed out that Apple is now working on a more affordable version of the headset. The device will probably be named Apple Vision or Vision One. This move aims to make the technology accessible to a broader range of customers.

Apple Vision One Rumor Roundup:

There will be various adjustments or compromises to lower the cost of Vision One to make it fall under an affordable category. This may involve using lower-tier screens, a less powerful processor, reducing the number of cameras with the removal of 3D cameras, and potentially requiring AirPods for spatial audio instead of built-in speakers. Despite these adjustments, Apple intends to keep certain features, including the external EyeSight screen and the hand-tracking system which are the core attraction of the MR headset.

Apple Vision Pro render

Expected price, release timeline, and second-generation plans

The exact details about the pricing and specifications of the affordable Vision headset are not clear. However, as it will be available at a much lower price than the Vision Pro. This could significantly increase its adoption. The price is still under wrap but the affordable headset will probably be in the range of the latest MacBook Pro 14.  Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, acknowledged that the Vision Pro’s high cost is due to its advanced capabilities, which include the ability to perform tasks similar to iPhones and Macs.

Reports say that Apple is planning to unveil the affordable Vision One headset probably by the end of 2025. A long way to go! Another surprise to mention, Apple is already doing its job to develop a second-generation Vision Pro. This indicates that the company is committed to expanding its standard product line like iPhone and iPhone Pro models.

Apple aims to introduce a more affordable version of the Vision Pro headset to reach a wider range of consumers. By making certain adjustments to reduce manufacturing costs, Apple hopes to strike a balance between price and features. Moving forward, Apple aims to establish a two-product strategy for its mixed-reality headsets, aligning with its other flagship products.

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