Apple Watch Series 10 to bring “Hypertension” and “Sleep Apnea” detection

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In the digital era, wearable devices are changing how we monitor our health. Apple’s upcoming Watch Series 10 aims to do more than just tell time; it will help safeguard your health by detecting issues like hypertension and sleep apnea, potentially challenging the skepticism surrounding other smartwatches. In this article, let’s delve deeper into this rumored Apple watch.

Apple Watch Series 10: Revolution or just a Gimmick?

What is this next Apple watch?

Mark Gurman an investigative reporter from Bloomberg L.P reveals an interesting report about Apple’s next watch. The alleged Apple watch series 10 is said to include hypertension and sleep apnea detection features. And it is safe to say it can indeed be an incredible addition and a health-caring game changer, if true. 

What are Hypertension and Sleep Apnea?

Hypertension, often called High Blood Pressure, is when the pressure in the blood vessels is higher (40/90 mmHg or above)  than normal blood pressure. Left unchecked, Hypertension can be fatal, and despite that it is a common problem that affects more than 1.28 Billion adults worldwide. People with hypertension may feel mild headaches or exhibit no symptoms at all. So the only way to be sure is to get one’s blood pressure checked. 

Hypertension Complications
Source: CDC

Similarly, Sleep Apnea is another common condition where the breathing stops and restarts many times while sleeping, which might prevent one’s body from getting enough oxygen. Usually, healthcare providers treat sleep apnea by conducting a comprehensive sleep study and employing breathing devices like CPAP machines.

How would the Apple Watch detect Hypertension and Sleep Apnea?

Most smartwatches use various sensors, like a photoplethysmography (PPG)  sensor, which uses infrared light sources and a photodetector at the surface of the skin to measure the volumetric variations of blood circulation. The PPG itself doesn’t measure blood pressure; it exclusively measures heart rates. However, it rather utilizes such information and gives a predictive response based on it. But in consensus, scientists seem to be quite skeptical about them. And experts have also questioned the accuracy and reliability of modern smartwatches which claims to be “health monitoring system “. 

Similarly, most smartwatches can only measure sleep quantity and quality, they work solely by relying on motion detectors, accelerometers, and various sensors. For instance, a change in heart rate during a deep sleep can be indicative of sleep disturbances.  However, sleep apnea differs from your regular sleep disturbances. And common way to detect sleep apnea is usually by implementing additional sensors like SpO2 sensors, which measure oxygen saturation in the blood. Additionally, health professionals use gyroscopes, accelerometers, and even microphones to detect sleep apnea.

Apple Watch Series 10: Conclusion

Despite, the general skepticism and disapproval of health monitoring watches, Apple might be onto something big. Nonetheless, the development of the Apple watch surely will have either of two implications.

Firstly, if it manages to detect high blood pressure and sleep apnea with maximum accuracy and precision. Not only it will harness a seal of satisfaction from the general public but will also revolutionize healthcare completely.

Secondly, this gadget might just become a mere marketing ploy, a manifestation of rampant consumerism, a product disguised as a guardian of the public’s health. Furthermore, some have sometimes criticized it as a harsh commodification of healthcare.

But rather than taking a white or black stance, we can approach the topic with a more realistic view. Going by reputation alone, Apple likely won’t ship a faulty product but that doesn’t mean it going to be medical-grade tech as well. Only time will tell, and until then, we’ll keep you updated with the latest developments regarding the watch.

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