Swarovski Optik’s new AX Visio Binoculars can detect thousands of different species!

AX Visio Overview
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The renowned optics manufacturer Swarovski Optik has unveiled the AX Visio, the world’s first pair of smart binoculars. Beyond the conventional scope of optics, this groundbreaking binocular integrates artificial intelligence to revolutionize animal observation, introducing a new dimension to wildlife enthusiasts and beginners alike.

AX Visio Overview

Smart Technology X Optics

The AX Visio has a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) dedicated to rapid and reliable image recognition. This groundbreaking feature allows users to identify a diverse range of animal species, catering not only to ornithologists but also to those fascinated by creatures like squirrels and many more. The ability to distinguish between bird species proves especially valuable for novices exploring the wonders of the natural world.

AX Visio

Technical Features

With 10x magnification and a 32-millimeter objective lens, the AX Visio ensures a comprehensive field of view, spanning 112 meters per 1000 meters. Furthermore, the built-in image recognition feature, powered by the NPU, is complemented by a camera sensor capable of capturing high-resolution photos at 4208 x 3120 pixels (13 MP). While videos are limited to Full HD resolution, it integrates seamlessly with a smartphone app for easy image management and uploading.

Connectivity and Live Observations

The Live View function allows users to share their wildlife observations in real-time, increasing the communal aspect of nature exploration. In addition, AX Visio’s smartphone app facilitates effortless image transfer and management, ensuring users can relive and share their experiences.

Practical Additions

Weighing just under 1100 grams, the AX Visio boasts a respectable battery life of up to 15 hours in normal operation, making it a reliable companion for extended outdoor activities. Additionally, the binoculars also feature a compass function that displays the tilt angle, adding an extra layer of functionality.

AX Visio: Pricing and Availability

The AX Visio is now available in the US for USD 4,799, but it is very unlikely that we will ever see a glimpse of it in Nepal any time soon.

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