AYANEO Pocket S powered by Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 coming soon!

Ayaneo Pocket S Price Nepal
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AYANEO, a Chinese handheld gaming computer manufacturer, is launching the — AYANEO Pocket S! Initially, the only information available about the upcoming handheld was that the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 will be powering it. But now, more details of the device have surfaced. Let’s discuss more about the AYANEO Pocket S, including its specifications, and expected price in Nepal.

AYANEO Pocket S Overview


AYANEO was founded in 2020 with the philosophy “by real gamers, for other gamers”. We can figure out what the brand is about just by their philosophy alone. The brand produced devices running on Windows OS initially. Earlier this year, they stepped into Android handheld gaming with the AYANEO Pocket Air. Now they are taking another step with the AYANEO Pocket S!

Design and Display

The AYANEO Pocket S is a handheld gaming device and looks as such. It comes with a joystick on either side, arrow buttons on the left, ABXY buttons on the right, and hall triggers. The joysticks here also have a hall sensor along with RGB lighting. Other than that, it comes in a slim form factor of just 14 mm while featuring an all-metal CNC frame. The handheld will ship in Black and White colours.

Ayaneo Pocket S Design

On the front, it comes with high-definition glass covering the borderless mirror screen. The AYANEO Pocket S has an IPS panel underneath stretching 6 inches and spanning 2K in resolution. Previously, the screen was said to boast a high refresh rate of 144 FPS, which needs further confirmation.


Moving on to the start of the show — the processor. AYANEO is partnering with popular chipset manufacturer Qualcomm to bring their flagship Android handheld gaming device. The AYANEO Pocket S will be featuring the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform. As a matter of fact, it will be the first device to come with this Snapdragon chipset. The processor comes with eight cores and an Adreno 352 GPU with up to 1GHz clock speed. Additionally, it offers a maximum power output of 15W as well.

Snapdragon G3x Gen 2

Other than that, the AYANEO Pocket S packs memory of up to 16GB coupled with up to 1TB storage. The company says the handheld has a large-area vapour chamber thermal plate and active cooling system. Previously, they also mentioned that their upcoming offering will possess X86-level heat dissipation capabilities. In the meantime, it allows you to switch between different performance modes depending on the use case scenario.

The rest

The AYANEO Pocket S has WiFi 7 and Bluetooth v5.3 support for wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the handheld will come with a three-mode comprehensive vibration. Lastly, it might come in different models such as an ultra-thin and light model, a battery-focused variant, a power-focused variant, and an iteration with a first-class grip.

AYANEO Pocket S Price in Nepal and Availability

This handheld was rumoured to be revealed in December 2023. However, as we can see, that did not come to fruition. Now, the company has given us the date for the official launch event. The AYANEO Pocket S will be officially launching on 26 April 2024 at 8:00 AM EST.

The company will likely reveal the pricing of the handheld gaming device on the same day as well.

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