Deal Alert: BangGood is offering some really good deals on Xiaomi products

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Xiaomi is a well-established smartphone brand, among the top 5 in the world actually. But very few of us might also be aware that Xiaomi is also a manufacturer of other products that are well worth a look. Similarly, is one of the biggest online retailers in China and the good news is that they are providing some really attractive deals (up to 62% off) on Xiaomi’s new products.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3Mi band 3

The first offer is for the Xioami Mi Band 3, a really capable fitness tracker for all the health conscious people out there. The 20g smart band is capable of monitoring your heart rate, sleep, calories, sedentary, steps, and the like. You can also reject calls or view your notifications if you connect your smartwatch with your smartphone through Bluetooth. It is also waterproof, looks really good and comes in a few different colour options. The product usually costs US$59.99 but is now available for US$30.99 from using the  “7miba3nd” coupon code.

Xiaomi Mijija Mosquito Killer

The next product might sound a bit unusual but can be an absolute necessity for some. These scorching warm nights are a perfect condition for mosquitoes and Xiaomi has a solution, the all-new Mijija Mosquito Killer. It’s a battery functioning device that will last you for almost 90 days. With an effective area of around ≤28m³ and no need for a power socket, you can put it wherever you want, and repel mosquitoes.

Mosquito killer

It’s pretty simple to use and puts an end to the hassles of using a matt or mosquito nets. The device simply uses a honeycomb structure for volatilization & transfluthrin to drive the mosquito away. The device usually goes for US$29.99 but is now available for US$14.99.

Xiaomi Mijija AI Translator

ai translator

The Xiaomi Mijija AI translator is a small, compact and portable language translator which supports up to 14 languages. It gives you 8 hours of continuous translation with up to 7 days of super long standby from its 9000 mAh battery. So, if you are travelling abroad for business or recreation and are in need of a personal translator, you can get this device for a discounted price of US$65.99 rather than the regular US$91.25.

The device, alongside being a translator can also be used for playing music, checking currencies, playing news and so on. The Xiaomi Mijija AI Translator is a good looking all metal device with features like customized voice cavity that is optimized for human voice and a far field microphone.

Xiaomi VH USB Rechargeable Fanxiaomi fan

This is a simple USB fan, that’s very lightweight and portable. Dimension wise it’s a 182 x 91 x 48.5mm fan, so you can imagine how small it actually is. It weighs just 143g, with the 2000mAh battery inbuilt. The USB Fan is priced at USD $15.99, so if you need one, go for it. This might be one of the best purchases you make this summer.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstickelectric toothbrush

The Mijia Wowstick is nothing but a bunch of screws for all your screwing, drilling or threading needs. These come in packs of 3 and consist a total of 56pcs of screws that includes all X1, X2 and X3 screw bit set. They are also made of S2 steel, which does not rust and is very durable. They will work with both Xiaomi or other brand’s screwdrivers as well. Pricing is set at US$6.99 down from it’s original US$15.89.

Xiaomi Doctor Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush

This is a waterproof toothbrush from Xiaomi. It’s pretty portable and comes with a high-quality travel box. Being an automatic brush it has 2 modes, gentle and standard. The gentle mode is for those with sensitive teeth and other teeth problems. For the rest, the standard mode thoroughly cleans and polishes your teeth, switching continuously to further whiten your teeth.electric toothbrush

It’s stand out features include 31,000 times per minute vibration frequency, low noise, double brush, wireless charging and a 30s start timer for zone change reminder. The magnetic levitation sonic motor also provides efficient brushing that reduces hand-held shock sensation. If you are tired of brushing your teeth yourself, this automatic brush will only cost you US$26.99 up until July 31.

Xiaomi 2.4G wireless mousexiaomi wireless mouse

This is a US$12.45 wireless mouse, well if you buy it before July 7. The small and lightweight mouse is initially intended for office use, with ultra-thin design and a dpi that goes above 12000. It relies on the common 2.4G frequency for wireless communication, alongside a USB receiver. The mouse requires one double A battery which will likely last you a few months.

Other deals include a colourful range of backpacks, with 10l capacity and level 4 waterproofing for just US$7.99. The new Xiaomi Mi WiFi 4 dual ban router is also available for a discounted rate of US$45.99. Finally, there is a Xiaomi automatic wine opener for US$27.77 and a CIGA designed automatic mechanical watch for US$190.99. banggood app

So, these are some deals that Banggood is offering. If you want to get information on deals like these, just keep a look out for the price changes. They follow particular algorithms which are common for online retailers. New buyers also get discount coupons of 10% if you install their mobile app .

If you are interested in any of the above products, just click here to buy. Interested buyers from Nepal can also ship these products to their doorstep. Banggood accepts payment methods such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, as well as the Western Union. But, bear in mind that you need to pay for shipping fees and import taxes, wherever applicable.