Battlefield 6 to be revealed next week, EA confirms

    Battlefield 6 reveal date
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    The launch of the next Battlefield game from EA has been rumored for quite some time. After months of anticipation, the official Battlefield Twitter account has confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be revealed next week.

    Battlefield 6 reveal:

    Like I mentioned earlier, EA made the announcement via a teaser on Battlefield’s official Twitter handle. Like Battlefield 3 and 4, the 2021 edition is also expected to feature a near-future setting for the upcoming DICE-developed shooter. To note, Battlefield V was based in World War II.

    Similarly, some early leaked images hint that a new battle royale mode is in the pipeline as well. A Boston dynamics-style robot and drones are attacking a rocket launch site in the now-deleted image. DICE’s general manager, Oskar Gabrielson, has described the sequel as a “bold step” for the franchise.

    The Battlefield game for this year is co-developed by DICE studios in Gothenburg and Los Angeles, as well as Criterion Games. According to Gabrielson, the “franchise’s biggest team will deliver a jaw-dropping experience for you to enjoy later in 2021”. He also stated that they are in daily playtesting modes to polish, balance, and make the finest Battlefield game possible.

    What to expect?

    EA hasn’t revealed much about the game until now. But, Battlefield 6 is expected to take the franchise to the next level with military warfare, unexpected moments, destruction, and massive battles with more players and mayhem than ever before.

    Furthermore, EA has stated that Battlefield 6 would be focusing on current-gen consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S to further elevate the gameplay experience. Yet, the game will also be available for last-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles.

    Battlefield 6 Reveal Date

    As the aforementioned teaser indicates, Battlefield 6 will be revealed on June 9, 2021. Precisely, 3 PM BST (United Kingdom) or 7:45 PM NPT (Nepal). And if you’re wondering why EA chose to unveil the game just a couple of days before E3 2021 (June 12 – 15), that’s because the company isn’t attending the expo this year. EA will hold its own event called “EA Play Live” on July 22 as well.

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