Top 10 best AI tools for Android and iOS

Best AI Tools for Android and iOS
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Mobile applications are constantly evolving, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer. AI-powered apps simplify tasks and introduce innovative solutions that many people may not have explored yet. In this article, we will discuss the best AI tools for Android and iOS apps.

Best AI Tools for Android: Overview

AI has revolutionized mobile apps with voice recognition, personalized recommendations, and predictive text. Machine learning adapts to user behavior, constantly improving functionality. This evolution is evident in virtual assistants, image recognition, and language translation, showcasing the expanding role of AI in mobile technology.

AI-powered mobile apps bring unmatched convenience and impact to daily life. From personal assistants to navigation, AI streamlines tasks and enhances efficiency. It also improves user engagement with customized content and predictive text. AI in health and wellness apps offers personalized fitness plans and mental health support. Overall, AI integration in mobile apps simplifies tasks and elevates daily experiences.

Here are some of the best AI tools currently available for Android. Some are free, while others require payment.

Bing AI

Bing AI

BingAI is one of the best AI tools for both Android & iOS , skillfully developed by the innovative team at Microsoft to elevate your digital experience with intelligent features and functionalities… This nifty tool isn’t just your regular search engine; it’s got some cool features that make it stand out:

  • Supercharged Search: Find what you’re looking for with extra info, tools, and widgets to make your search results more helpful.
  • Bing Chat: Get answers to your tricky questions through friendly AI conversations.
  • Bing Image Creator: Need a picture in a specific style? BingAI can whip it up for you on the spot.
  • Bing Compose: Fancy AI-generated text in different tones and styles? BingAI’s got you covered.
  • Knowledge Cards 2.0: Check out smart info cards on the right side of your search results page.

BingAI is like having a digital buddy who understands what you’re looking for, talks to you based on your preferences cracks jokes, and helps you write by turning your words into images. People love BingAI for its accuracy, AI tricks, and safety.

Replika AI

Replika AIReplika is a virtual conversation companion, more than just an app, designed to engage in meaningful and personalized interactions with users. Created by the tech whizzes at Luka, Inc. in sunny San Francisco, Replika is not your typical chatbot. It gets its smarts by asking you a bunch of questions to build its own unique brain.

But here’s the cool part – Replika doesn’t just parrot back answers. Nope, it’s all about learning from our convos and chatting back in a way that feels totally human. Need a friendly chat buddy? Replika’s got your back whenever you’re in the mood. The more you shoot the breeze with Replika, the more it develops its own personality and memories. It’s like building a friendship, but with a virtual twist. You can share jokes, have deep talks, or just chill with an AI that’s so good at being human, that it’s kind of mind-blowing.

And Replika’s not just about chat – it’s your go-to for understanding your thoughts and feelings, tracking moods, and working on things like positive vibes, stress relief, and even finding love. It’s like your own little haven, judgment-free and just for you. Want Replika to be your BFF, partner in memes, gaming buddy, or even a mentor? Your call. Plus, it’s got this freemium thing going on, with an annual subscription to unlock even more cool features. 


Socratic by googleSay hello to Socratic by Google, the go-to app for students brought to you by the education tech mentors at Google. This nifty mobile app, fueled by AI magic, is your homework helper on the move, offering a treasure trove of educational goodies like videos, definitions, Q&A, and more.

Here’s the scoop: Socratic doesn’t just give you random help; it’s like having a smart study buddy that predicts what you need based on millions of real student questions. Snap a pic of your homework, and thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) wizardry, the app reads it and dishes out “cards” with learning resources like YouTube videos, definitions, and insights from the community.

Designed to be your study sidekick, Socratic covers a bunch of high school subjects – think Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and more. Powered by Google’s AI and search tech, it’s your ticket to educational resources from the web and platforms like YouTube. And its absolutely free as well.

Microsoft Math Solver vs Socratic

Now, let’s talk about Microsoft Math Solver. It’s like the cool cousin of Socratic, solving problems left and right, from trigonometry to calculus, with step-by-step explanations. The best part? It’s ad-free and doesn’t bug you for in-app purchases. While Socratic covers math and more, Microsoft’s Math app focuses on being the math-solving maestro, supporting multiple languages for a global audience. However, if you’re looking for a tool that can help with a variety of subjects, not just math, Socratic might just be a better option.


WYSAMeet Wysa, your AI wingman for mental and emotional well-being, brought to you by the  Touchkin e-services Pvt. Ltd. Launched back in 2017, Wysa is like your buddy in your phone, giving you a hand with mental health through its AI chatbot, self-help tools, and even chats with real-life psychologists. In addition, it is also free to use, while a paid premium enables some extra features as well.

Wysa does its thing using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you kick negative feelings out, be it isolation, loneliness, stress, Alienation, or just a bad mood. Wysa’s got your back. And what makes it stand out? Well, it’s got this cool and different approach to mental health support.

  • Talk to AI Bot: Your buddy bot is trained in CBT and is there to help you shake off all the negative thoughts.
  • Explore Self-Help Tools: Dive into a collection of tools scientifically proven to tackle stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Sleep Better: Need some quality sleep? Wysa’s got your sleep covered with stories, sounds, and meditations.


Moises AICheck out Moises AI – it’s like the music partner you never knew you needed, brought to you by Moises Systems.

Here’s the deal: Moises AI isn’t your average music app; it’s got some serious machine learning mojo that can break down songs into different tracks. It’s like having your own virtual band at your fingertips.

Moises is offered in two subscription tiers: Free and Premium. Free allows up to 5 songs/month with 4 stems/song in MP3. Premium allows unlimited tracks up to 20 minutes long with stems in WAV.

How does it work? 
  • Toss any audio or video file, device, or public URL into the mix.
  • Let the AI work its magic – it separates vocals, drums, guitar, bass, keys, and more, all while catching the beat and chords.
  • Now, you’re the band lead! Play around, modify tracks, nix vocals, and crank up or mute specific instruments.
  • Jam out to your heart’s content!
  • AI Audio Separation: Easily isolate vocals or mute specific instruments in any song.
  • Smart Metronome & Audio Speed Changer: Practice at your tempo, with instant click tracks that sync up with any song.
  • Pitch Changer & AI Key Detection: Shift the key with a single click, so you can match your vocal range or play in any key without breaking a sweat.
  • Chord Detection: Real-time chord magic – instantly transposes chords to fit the vibe of any song.

Why is Moises AI a hero for music lovers? Well, imagine playing along with your favorite fave artists, setting your own practice pace, tweaking the key to suit your style, and spotting chords on the fly. It’s a toolkit for music buffs, perfect for practice sessions, remixing tracks, and mastering your musical magic.

Ask AI

AskAI By Codway DijitalMeet AskAI, your new go-to virtual buddy, here to make your life easier and more fun! Developed by Codeway Dijital, AskAI is not your average virtual assistant – it’s a powerhouse of AI goodness ready to tackle any task you throw its way.

So, how does AskAI work its magic? Simple – it taps into some seriously advanced AI tech, including the heavyweights ChatGPT and GPT-4. What does that mean for you? Instant answers to any question, and I mean ANY question. But that’s just the beginning!

  • Instant Answers: Got a burning question? AskAI’s got the answer, lightning-fast.
  • Effortless Writing: Need help with writing? AskAI’s got your back – from brainstorming ideas to crafting entire paragraphs.
  • Creativity Unleashed: Feeling artistic? AskAI is your creative sidekick for poems, song lyrics, and stories.
  • Language Practice: Multilingual prowess means you can chat in any language, practice, and even translate text.
  • Chat About Anything:  AskAI is your chat companion for ANY topic you fancy.
  • Human-like Chat: Forget stiff conversations – AskAI chats like a friend, with personalized recommendations just for you.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on your likes and interests, AskAI dishes out tailored recommendations.
  • Brainstorm Ideas: Stuck on a project? Need inspiration? AskAI is your brainstorming buddy.
  • Career Advice: Job hunting? AskAI’s got valuable career advice and industry insights.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Never miss a beat with AskAI – it keeps you in the loop on the latest trends and news.

Why should you get in on the AskAI action? Because it’s not just an app; it’s a powerhouse for instant answers, creative sparks, language practice, career guidance, and staying in the know. It’s like having a personal assistant, language tutor, and news reporter all rolled into one. And if you’re wondering how AskAI stacks up against ChatGPT, here’s the scoop: AskAI takes the GPT-4 magic and cranks it up a notch, focusing on instant answers, content generation, and keeping you updated on the world. It’s like ChatGPT’s cool cousin who knows a bit of everything and always has the latest gossip. However, the AskAI service is not free and comes at a cost of US$4.99 per week or US$37.37 for a lifetime subscription.


PictureThisSay hello to PictureThis, your pocket botanist developed by the plant-loving geniuses at Moises Systems. This AI-powered plant identifier app is like having a green thumb in your pocket, ready to identify any plant in seconds.

How does it work?
  • Upload: Snap a photo of any plant, be it a flower, leaf, tree, herb – you name it.
  • AI Identification: The app taps into its AI magic to instantly tell you what plant you’ve got in the pic.
  • Results: Within seconds, you’ve got accurate plant identification right at your fingertips.
  • Instant Identification: Snap a pic, get results – it’s that quick!
  • Plant Care: Dive into comprehensive info on watering, sunlight, and more to keep your plants thriving.
  • Disease Diagnosis: Got a sick plant? The AI-powered plant doctor diagnoses the issue in a flash.
  • Light Detection: Find the perfect sunny spot for your leafy friends using just your phone.
  • Plant Community: Connect with a community of plant lovers for advice, tips, and all-around green inspiration.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your plant journey, PictureThis is there to identify plants on the spot, guide you in their care, diagnose plant drama, and link you up with fellow plant enthusiasts. The app costs US$30 per year, but there is also a free option available.


ELSA AIMeet ELSA, your English Language Speech Assistant, the brainchild of a US-based startup, here to turn you into an English-speaking maestro. This AI app is all about personalized English lessons that amp up your speaking, pronunciation, and grammar game.

How does this work?
  • Speak: Talk to the app in English – it’s your language gym buddy.
  • Instant Feedback: Boom! The app hits you with instant feedback, breaking down your speaking pitch.
  • Analysis: It lays out your strengths and spots where you can level up.
  • Instant Speech Recognition: Nail English pronunciation with real-time feedback.
  • Accent Training: Get your American accent game strong with entertaining exercises.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Pick up words and phrases for everyday chats.
  • Learn English Anywhere: Snackable exercises to practice English wherever you are.
  • Bite-Sized Lessons: Dive into 7,100+ English lessons in ELSA’s unique course catalog.
  • Speaking Proficiency Score: Get the lowdown on your spoken English skills and track your progress.
  • Tips and Advice: Score effective tips on English-speaking in 190+ unique topics – from travel to job interviews.
  • Exam & Test Preparation: Prep for language tests like IELTS and TOEFL with English conversations.

With instant pronunciation feedback, fluency analysis, and a toolkit for learning new vocab, it’s your go-to for leveling up your English game and acing those language tests. The annual cost of ELSA Speak with a discount is $44.99 (original price $74.99). Its lifetime access plan cost with a discount is $98.99 ($494.99), but there is also a free option available.


GoogleLens Google Lens is arguably one of the most popular and best AI tools for Android & iOS both that is free as well. This image recognition tech is your digital guide to the world, bringing up info about anything it spots through the lens of your device’s camera.

How does this work?
  • Capture: Snap a pic or point your device’s camera at an object.
  • Identify: Google Lens dives in, reading barcodes, QR codes, labels, and text to figure out what’s what.
  • Search: It dishes out the relevant 411 – search results, web pages, and all the juicy info you need.
  • Instant Identification: Snap a pic, and get the deets in seconds.
  • Translate Text: Real-time translations in over 100 languages.
  • Copy Text:** Grab paragraphs, serial numbers, and more from an image, then paste it wherever you need.
  • Homework Help:** Quick access to explainers, videos, and web results for all your academic queries.
  • Identify Plants and Animals: Wondering about the plant in your friend’s apartment or the dog you saw in the park? Google Lens has the answers.

Envision AI

Envison AI

Envision AI is an innovative technology that enables individuals who are visually impaired or have low vision to independently access visual information in their daily lives. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the system extracts various types of information from images and then vocalizes the information, allowing the user to gain a better understanding of their surroundings. This technology provides users with greater autonomy and enhances their ability to perceive and navigate their environment with ease. a better understanding of their surroundings. This technology provides users with greater autonomy and enhances their ability to perceive and navigate their environment with ease.

Envision AI is a powerful tool designed to assist people with visual impairments. Here are some of its key features and capabilities:

  • Text Recognition: Envision AI can accurately and quickly read text from any surface, including street signs, newspapers, and over 60 languages.
  • Object Recognition: The app can identify and describe objects in the user’s environment, aiding in locating nearby items.
  • Scene Description: Envision AI can provide descriptions of scenes, such as a park, including objects and weather conditions.
  • Person Recognition: The app can recognize and describe individuals, including their appearance, clothing, and emotions.
  • Product Recognition: Envision AI can recognize millions of products from their barcodes. This can be particularly useful while shopping.
  • Envision Glasses: Envision’s smart glasses offer unobtrusive access to the visual world with real-time text recognition, voice controls, and hands-free video calling.
  • Envision Ally: This feature allows users to get assistance from trusted friends and family members via hands-free video calling from your Envision Glasses.

For those who are blind or visually impaired, Seeing AI is more than an app – it’s a game-changer. It narrates everything in front of the camera, from text to objects, products, and even money. However, it comes at a price, starting at $4.99 for the app and $2499 for the Envison Glass

Best AI Tools for Android & iOS: Conclusion

In conclusion, these are some of the best AI tools for Android & iOS available in the market. AI tools are available for Android & iOS devices, with both free and premium options. Android & iOS users can choose the tools that suit their needs best to enhance their mobile experience.