Smart Phones | Is BIGGER always better? |

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    Smartphones are getting smarter, no doubt. But what is seen as the recent trend in the smartphone world is that the screen sizes are getting significantly larger. With addition of a new term “phablet” phones have found a way to sneak the large plates of screens into the devices that were meant for “calling” primarily. Normally I’m talking about the phones with the screen size of around and over 6 inches!


    But is the larger screen good or just a unnecessary show-off?

    Thats for you to decide but lets just go through a quick “pros” & “cons” analysis to at least understand the difference of what it takes in making a large screen phone:


    A. Entertainment:

    Definitely, Entertainment options like gaming and multimedia is what makes the large screen smartphone a choice over average sized smartphone. With larger screen there’s a larger space for watching movies, playing games or even browsing internet.

    B. Bigger is Better:

    Of course, this refers to a simple analogy that bigger things are always better. Bigger phones means a spectrum of larger canvas to work on.

    C. Doodling options:


    Since phones like the Note III & LG G Pro Lite are getting “stylus” pen, it offers a way to doodle and draw your imagination on the screen. This cannot be imagined on a small screen whatsoever.


    A. Energy Hungry:

    Larger screen phones are energy hungry. It consumes more battery than a normal smartphone, which is obvious. So make sure you opt for a larger pack of battery or have a extra piece just-in-case.

    B. Not Pocket-friendly:

    1A big issue while buying a large-screen phone is that it wont fit onto your pocket. Thus you end of showing your cornered jeans and a troubled time while sitting or taking and keeping your smartphone. Forget one handed operation, you will have a tough time handling it with two hands!

    C. Calling from a large device is NOT COOL!

    Well, this differs on opinion but i guess the larger mass feels that calling with a large-screen phone looks dumb. I mean, its funny carrying a big-ass device putting it to you ear (which practically blocks your face). Remember!

    What do you think?

    Do you own a large screen phone? Happy? Facing problems?

    Let us know.