BlackBerry To Launch Android Phone in August

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Blackberry with Android, Will it matter to the Users?

According to the latest rumours, BlackBerry is set to launch their first handset running Android. A Blackberry with Android might launch as earlier as August 2015. Codenamed BlackBerry Prague, the device is apparently a low-end smartphone that could be based on the BlackBerry Z3, a budget phone that was launched in 2014.

Once king of qwerty handsets, Blackberry recently has failed to compete with the likes of Android and iOS. They failed to see the key change in its market: the emergence of software capability — trumping hardware features — as the driver of consumer handheld purchases.

A Blackberry with Android OS may or may not thrive the competitive market of Apple, Samsung and many branded Chinese Phones. It may be too late for the  John S. Chen boys in the smartphone business. However, as hopeful as you are, the new Android smartphone from Blackberry could be a start of something good, something innovative, and something that could WOW consumers.