Boe unveils the world’s fastest gaming monitor at a 500Hz refresh rate!

BOE 500Hz Monitor Prototype
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The fastest gaming monitors on the market today refresh at 360 times per second. However, BOE has reportedly gone past the number with its latest display prototype. BOE has unveiled a 27″ prototype monitor with a 500Hz refresh rate. In this article, we will be learning more about the world’s highest refresh rate display.

BOE 500Hz Monitor Prototype

As mentioned earlier, the display prototype from BOE has a diagonal length of 27″,  and it refreshes 500 times per second. This makes it the display with the fastest refresh rate. As with other high refresh rate monitors on the market, the resolution here is limited to just FHD. Furthermore, the new monitor supports 8-lane Embedded DisplayPort (eDP), true 8-bit color, and a 1ms response rate.

The latest breakthrough comes out as a result of BOE’s research on oxide semiconductor display technology. Currently, silicone TFT is the industry-standard display technology, which BOE wants to replace with oxide semiconductor TFT. The new 500Hz BOE monitor uses this oxide semiconductor display technology.

Oxide semiconductor display technology boasts high mobility, low off-state current, simple process technology, and large-scale size. Thus, it can improve the quality of display while also reducing power consumption. That being said, traditional oxide microstructures are unstable resulting in performance degradation under stress, illumination, high current, and copper diffusion.

BOE claims it is the first to achieve mass production of copper interconnect stack structures that overcome industry problems related to oxide semiconductor technology. It has proposed a new nitrogen-oxygen balance theory and interface repair theory to overcome these shortcomings.

BOE 500Hz Monitor Availability

The 27″ 500Hz monitor is still in the prototype phase and it’s not clear whether BOE plans to take it to mass production anytime soon. Even if it makes it to the market, one will need to have a high-end gaming rig to take full advantage. Even today, 500 FPS in games seem inaccessible for most gamers.

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