Boston Dynamics Spot robot dogs will be commercially available soon!

boston dynamics spot robot dogs
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Ever fancied having a robot dog? Well, not one that is cute and plays around only, like the one from Sony, but something heavy duty? Of course, “heavy duty” and cute don’t go together. And these Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dogs aren’t cute…to say the least. Actually, if you think so, they can look pretty scary. And combine that with the fact that they’re super strong and agile, it only makes you more paranoid about the uprise of AI!

Boston Dynamics has been showing off their scarily lifelike robot-dogs in action often. And now, after some final tweaks in the design, and some testing in heavy-set areas, it’ll be ready for commercial purposes.

boston dynamics spot classic

The quadrupedal robot relies on a 360-degree LIDAR (Laser Image Detection And Ranging) technology to navigate. There are cameras on every side of the device, making it particularly useful in roles on construction sites, such as scanning for hazards or opening doors. Also, these robots also have a better sense of balance than us, humans. Because there are multiple videos showing of them being kicked around, and yet not falling over. In addition, there are videos of them performing dangerous feats like opening a door, dragging a truck, and autonomously loading a dishwasher!

boston dynamics spot mini

There will be two variants of the Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dogs. Both operate the same way, but the Spot Classic can carry up to 100 pounds (~45 kg), while the Spot Mini is smaller, lightweight and can carry only about 30 pounds (~13.65 kg). However, in the presentation of the two dogs, some mishaps occurred, revealing that these guys weren’t the most graceful of robots.

The Spot Mini, after a short time on stage, began flailing and fell on the stage and stopped responding. However, Boston Dynamics didn’t waste time – they quickly demonstrated another Spot Mini. So, needless to say, there are still some tests pending before its full-fledged usage. However, the company has already announced it will soon be over commercially. But there’s still to be an official launch date and price tag although it will cost some five-figures!

For a five-figure cost, these Boston Dynamic Spot Robots can be used for various purposes. These robots are usable in your household as well as. But a more practical usage is for industries, delivery, and security. Right now, these machines are under testing at some construction site and playgrounds.

These Spot robots are also pretty easy to control. You can control them simply with a handheld controller to tell it where to go, maneuver its robot arm and other functions. And of course, with stuff like these, there are also visions of its usage in the entertainment industry. Fancy two Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dogs fighting inside a ring, anyone? I think I’ll pass…but let me know what you think!